Getter reveals he has “some crazy EP(s) on the way”

Always blessing us with diverse tracks in the music industry, Getter is a producer who always portrays the vibe he is feeling through his music. Whether it be metal crunching dubstep, trap, hip-hop, and even experimenting in metal, Getter is always one step ahead. Recognized as a label owner, creative director, and entrepreneur, if there was one guy who is motivated by his passion to further evolve the industry, it is this one-of-a-kind producer. After Getter dropped his explosive NAPALM EP last year, fans were in for a treat as the six-track EP beautifully expressed his thoughts and mindset at the moment and the final outcome was undoubtedly impressive. Building the anticipation for more special treats this year, right after fans recently wished Getter a happy birthday on social media channels, Getter surprised his fans on Twitter as he confirmed he has “some crazy EP(s) on the way.”

The best birthday celebration indeed for many of us, we cannot wait for Getter to reveal further details on his multiple EP’s in the works. As Getter has not shared any further details regarding this, we can only hope this summer we may be blessed by this eclectic producer. When Getter reveals he has an EP, we already know his forward-thinking production style will be brought to the spotlight. Cooking up beats behind the scenes as many of us are still affected by the pandemic, Getter has provided us an exciting update to look forward to. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates from Getter coming soon.

Check out the EP announcements from Getter below and let us know if you are excited in the comments!

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