Iceland Airwaves curates a volcano-watching playlist: Listen

Those who like music listen to it in all and any circumstances. There are playlists for work, for exercise, for meditation, for dancing, for everything. And now you can also enjoy a tailor-made soundtrack created especially for volcano-watching, courtesy of Iceland Airwaves. Available on Spotify, the Wow and flutter: the Fagradalsfjall playlist was designed to soundtrack the breathtaking and majestic eruption of a volcano at Geldingadalur, on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula. The volcano erupted on March 19 and is still active, as can be seen in RÚV‘s live broadcast of the unbelievable images of this natural pyrotechnic spectacle.

‘If you don’t know what soundtrack best suits a volcanic eruption, we have you covered’

It was with these words that Iceland Airwaves shared this creative playlist made exclusively to accompany the images of the active volcano. In the description on Spotify, we can read that they are ‘Some cool tunes to enjoy while Iceland heats up.’ Among the 17 songs that are part of it so far, we find tracks with suggestive titles like ‘Magma Arrives‘ by John Grant, ‘Lava‘ by The B-52’s, ‘Volcano‘ by Damien Rice, without forgetting one of Iceland’s most famous exports: Björk, with ‘Jóga‘.
According to the geologist, the eruption at Geldingadalur can last for weeks, months or even years, giving plenty of time to enjoy this musical collection.
From November 3 to 6, Iceland Airwaves will return to Reyjkavik for a four-day festival. This event is a showcase of national talent that, year after year, is on a mission to expose the best music being made in the land of ice. Tickets for the 2021 edition are already on sale.
Be mesmerised by the incredible images of this volcano while listening to this custom playlist:


Image Credit: Tommy Beatty from Pixabay