Blinding Lights

Joris Voorn energises Alex Kennon’s ‘Blinding Lights’ with a sparkling remix

Dutch powerhouse Joris Voorn has just dropped a stunning track, a remix treatment of one of the recent additions of his imprint Spectrum. ‘Blinding Lights’ by Alex Kennon was released last month and now gets a sublimated reinterpretation.

Joris Voorn represents Dutch electronic music, he heads the underground sound, he is synonymous with quality. A lot of quality. Joris is a tastemaker, a taste breaker and the owner of a pair of perfectly tuned ears, making him an experienced curator of the best in music, as contemporary art. His craft is the dancefloor. Joris Voorn’s tracks are always full-bodied stories to dance to and his sets are real itineraries from here to the stratosphere. Without limits or boundaries, Joris’ sound lives in a parallel dimension between house and techno, a secret place where he legitimately reigns. It was also in this magical gap that he met Alex Kennon.

The Italian artist debuts on Joris Voorn’s imprint with the melodic and meaningful ‘Blinding Lights’. In addition to having attracted Joris to the point of wanting the song perpetuated in his house, the track deserved to be sampled by maestro Kölsch, who vibrated crowds to the sound of this beauty. If we recall the relationship between Kölsch and Joris Voorn, we can say that ‘Blinding Lights’ has seen the light in a magnificent musical triangle. The original is an underground dance gem, imbued with warm sounds packed in techno-infused rhythm. About this journey on Spectrum, Alex Kennon says:

‘Blinding Lights’ is for me not just a record, it’s a melting pot of emotions through music, a kind of time machine taking me from the early 2000’s to today. I was overjoyed when Joris said he wanted the track for his own label Spectrum. His remix and take on the track will make this project very special, an intimate perspective from a great artist and musician like himself combined with a track I am very proud of.’

Joris Voorn, when he captured ‘Blinding Lights’ for him, confessed love at first sight and a natural intention to pay homage to it with a remix. And so he did, now delivering a version that elevates the track’s natural characteristics. Harder, rawer, even more dance-ready. It is unmistakably the fruit of the black magic that Joris Voorn practices in the studio. This remix of ‘Blinding Lights’ screams industrial and urban. Joris has made it more sultry and deeper, without tainting the tribal particles and the chants that embellish Alex Kennon’s work.

Joris Voorn’s version has a contagious rhythm, delicately marked, guaranteeing a magical journey into space. While it makes us internalise the heavy legacy of less good times (especially 2020), it gives us vitalising energy to embrace better days. It’s the perfect recipe to purge toxicity and absorb good vibes. Joris Voorn is surgical in his compositions and in this remix is once again evident the refinement of his layering and the precision of his synths. The result is an exquisite remix, perfect, absolutely desirable.

Joris Voorn performed at the Fieldlab test event a few weeks ago, where he had the opportunity to give this remix a real test drive. From the reaction of the crowd, it’s a ‘Yes’ as to how much success this track has in store. On social media, the Dutch DJ and producer wrote:

‘It’s very strange making music for the dance floor, without having a dance floor. So I was very happy to test out my new remix for Alex Kennon in front of a crowd a few weeks ago just before it’s release last Friday.’

Improvise a dancefloor and let your senses go blind with this wonderful remix of ‘Blinding Lights’.


Image Credit: Joris Voorn (via Facebook)