Nicky Romero teams up with FaderPro for Digital Music Masterclass and a contest for aspiring producers

If your aspirations include music production and learning all things digital music, a new Digital Music Masterclass hosted by Nicky Romero and FaderPro is ready to welcome your onboard. Record producer Romero has teamed up with FaderPro, a virtual music education platform focused on the world of electronic dance music, to present a brand new three-part series masterclass that sees the Dutchman deliver several hours of content, with an in-depth dive into his creative & production techniques, from starting a song to mixing & mastering to building beats, writing melodies, plus sound design & FX. Coupled with FaderPro’s mission to give the rapidly growing breed of aspiring musicians and producers access to an engaging and interactive virtual in-studio learning experience, this is the Digital Music Masterclass you don’t want to miss out on. Adding excitement around the upcoming workshop, FaderPro co-Founder added:

We can’t wait to kick off our latest masterclass and share Nicky‘s creative process. We are extremely excited to bring this opportunity to producers to highlight the creative brilliance residing in bedrooms around the world.” – Steven LeeFaderPro co-Founder.

The masterclass is open to music producers and enthusiasts of all skill levels. It doesn’t matter whether you’re skillset is already advanced or you’re just beginning to find your feet on your musical production journey, the masterclass welcomes all types of producers to expand their knowledge and learn with one of Electronic Dance Music’s greatest DJs.


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If you’re thinking about signing up to the Digital Music Masterclass, get this, the ‘Toulouse Mastermind‘ and FaderPro are including an invitation to give new and upcoming producers the opportunity to work alongside the legendary artist. In a one-of-a-kind contest, dubbed “Finish My Record“, producers will be tasked to finish Nicky’s track. The best demo created will be chosen by Nicky and released on his label, Protocol Recordings. Check out Romero’s introduction to the masterclass below. If you’re ready to sign up to the course, click here.

Image Credits: Official Nicky Romero Presskit