REZZ & deadmau5 release highly-anticipated collaboration ‘Hypnocurrency’: Listen

It’s been years in the making, and following the announcement last week, ‘Hypnocurrency’ by REZZ and deadmau5 has finally landed on streaming platforms.

The two artists have a longstanding friendship, with REZZ previously stating on her Twitter account that deadmau5 was the main reason why she started making music in the first place. With her being signed to mau5trap, fans have expected a collaboration for a long time, with the idea being teased as early as 2018. Now, feeling like they had both perfected a sound that felt like an exact split of the signature styles that they had both penned, ‘Hypnocurrency’ is here.

As expected, we are greeted with dark, brooding synths that act as though they are taking us out on a night drive through a new and enticing world. Haunting and menacing synths guide us towards the drop, which is carried by REZZ’s signature hypnotic style (in which the genre has previously been described as ‘whatever’). The track does an expert job of bringing the listeners on a journey and encapsulating them in the soul-snatching soundscape that courses through the track’s veins.

Along with the collaboration, REZZ and deadmau5 also celebrated with an NFT drop where a piece was sold for $8,540 and another was sold for $2,662, which you can see here.

An animated video for ‘Hypnocurrency’ is available to watch below, and be sure to stream/buy the track here too.

Image Credit: deadmau5 (via Facebook), Rezz via

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