The Best Techno Clubs in the World

If you are a real techno fan, then you know that it’s always challenging to choose a good club. However, just like I’m always confident in people I ask to do my paper while planning a cool party, I can say there are places with a rock-solid reputation for occasional or regular night club visitors.

There, you always know that the guards, public, and music are going to be the best possible. So, if you are a student like me, visit Proessays to order an assignment, and start planning your trip to one of these seven best techno clubs on the planet!

Contact, Tokyo, Japan

The first club opening our top has existed since 2016. They opened it below the Shibuya O-East concert hall in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. The Global Hearts team that is responsible for many places and parties in the Japanese capital controls this club, too.

Contact has two halls: the dance floor and the bar. It’s forbidden to take pictures on the dance floor. Some may like the limitation, while others may prefer different places. Regardless of your choice, the Contact club is surely able to make you forget that you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket.

Faust, Seoul, South Korea

The Faust club is situated at the top of Hooker hill in the city center of Seoul. Here, they host parties, concerts, and other events combining music and modern arts. Moreover, Faust has another advantage over competitors: it has its own rooftop space at its disposal. That’s rare for Seoul.

Additionally, Faust owners paid a lot of attention to the internal acoustic qualities of the building. That means the music can have a much greater effect on you here than you might expect and experience somewhere else. This place is surely worth visiting for every techno music enthusiast.

Concrete, Paris, France

There is a high probability for you to miss this club unless you know precisely where to go. Its exterior design will shock you for sure: from the outside, the Concrete club in Paris looks like a regular ship. Well, it has a restaurant on a terrace nearby. Everything changes once you go inside.

There, a true techno refuge becomes your reality. The crowd inside is always moving and dancing. That’s the effect possible because of a DJ’s place location. It’s unusual: DJs play their masterpieces on the square platform in the middle of the dance floor.

Actually, dancing is the key feature for people to visit Concrete again and again. Nobody will use their top clothes to brag or take endless selfies here. It’s only about the endless fountaining music energy and dancing till 6 AM.

Ministry of Sound, London, UK

Ministry of Sound is not just a club. It’s a true corporation that used to stand together with the techno precursors in the UK. They founded this “ministry” in 1991 when the techno and house scene was only making its first steps in Britain. A lot had changed since then.

The company became world-famous. Nowadays, they own clubs in different points of the globe, have a recording label, and a radio brand. The secret of the company’s popularity and success is pretty simple.

They just prove it’s not enough to last for long if someone wants to become legendary. To gain respect and fame among visitors, a club needs to keep up with its quality standards all the time. That’s why the Ministry of Sound is a place where you can find the best DJs in the world. Additionally, many hidden techno talents make their first steps towards fame with the help of this company.

DC-10, Ibiza, Spain

No wonder one of the best nightclubs in the world is located in Ibiza, the Mecca of party dancers. DC-10 became a significant part of dance music history long ago. It’s a special place for all Ibiza tourists and locals.

A small farmhouse near the Ibiza airport’s runway is among the top-class places for clubbers worldwide. Mainly, it’s because of wild techno, house, and other club parties at the day event of Circo Loco. The party takes place every Monday, so plan your visits appropriately!

Nowadays, New York, USA

The outstanding Mister Sunday parties used to take place in the Industry City of Sunset Park. Later, they moved to Nowadays. This club is an open space with magnificent bushes surrounding the dance floor.

Mister Sunday party time is from 3 to 9 PM. No worries, the local bar is ready to offer you a wide choice of meals and drinks. It won’t be a problem to eat before your dance evening begins. Have fun!

Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany

Every techno fan knows Germany as a country with bright nightlife. And, of course, there is a high-quality techno scene! German cities can offer many great clubs to visit like Robert Johnson in Frankfurt or Watergate in Berlin.

However, the top-of-the-line club of the capital city, the entire country, and, according to some thoughts, the whole world is Berghain. Legends about the strictness of local face-control appear and come from clubber to clubber throughout the planet. People who couldn’t enter due to some reasonable denial by guards usually take outside pictures with envy. This is a place obligatory to visit for all dedicated techno clubbers!


Image Credit: stefan / via Flickr

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