Alan Walker launches Aviation Movie on his YouTube channel

Alan Walker has created a new unique and immersive experience for fans in the form of the Aviation Movie which is available on his YouTube channel. What exactly is it though? The Aviation Movie is a concert film told in different parts which act as episodes. Not only is it a concert film though, it combines elements of a narrative arc from the Walker cinematic universe, overall creating a unique viewing experience.

For the concert aspect, footage from Alan Walker’s Oslo Spektrum date on the Aviation Tour was used and it is told over five parts including an intro, conclusion and three levels. For the cinematic narrative part, it details the story of after an apocalyptic event, a young woman, armed only with the AW logo, is on a journey to save the world. Along the way she learns new skills and ultimately rebuilds society with the help of the like-minded Walker community. Not only this, viewers can also expect to see special appearances from the likes of Steve AokiAu/RaIselin Solheim and many more artists who have collaborated with him in the past.

In addition to the concert film, Alan Walker has also released a mobile game. The Aviation Game is an arcade-style iOS and Android game which makes players steer a drone through a challenging obstacle course and also ties in with the film as it is taken directly from the plot. Developed by award-winning indie gaming studio Hello There Games, it is available for download right now on the App Store and Google Play.

The intro and and Level 1 of the film are both available on YouTube right now, with the schedule being as follows:

June 2 at 2PM CET – Level 2

June 3 at 2PM CET – Level 3

June 5 at 2PM CET – Conclusion

Watch the intro below, and don’t forget to also check out the other parts as they arrive.

Image Credit: Alan Walker Press

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