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Welcome Kwettr, a DIY music marketing platform for the music industry

Kwettr is the name of the brand-new marketing solution for artists and record labels, and the secret to growing fanbase and revenue. Marketing can be an ugly word for an artist. Whether you are a DJ or music producer or both, all your time and energy is spent on developing your true art: music. But the industry is not just about that really. The music industry is a business, and it is indispensable for artists to have a strong presence and relationship with their audience. A growing fanbase and a good content strategy are indispensable to guarantee satisfactory revenue. The same principle applies to record labels.

The arrival of the pandemic may have solved the issue of time available to invest in improving artists’ relationships with fans, but it intensified other problems. Ranked as one of the most acute victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, the music industry has gone from living to simply surviving. More than ever, it has become crucial to have a foolproof marketing strategy, a strategic presence in online channels, new types of engagements and efficient content. While all this may sound foreign to many artists, for Kwettr it is daily life.

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In response to the needs of the market and industry, Kwettr has transformed itself from a boutique marketing agency to an easy-to-use platform. Based in Breda, The Netherlands, this project was created by Bas Kruijssen (New Media & Marketing Marketing Manager Black Hole Recordings) and Arny Bink (cofounder Black Hole Recordings), being initially part of this record label. Kwettr is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the industry and extensive knowledge of marketing. The main goal is to improve the artist/fan relationship in an innovative way. How? By providing a set of tools to promote their music using artificial intelligence and sophisticated data analysis. About it all, Bas Kruijssen says:


“Our new platform enables artists and record labels to reward their loyal fans with exclusive content, create smart messaging tools for social media and above all gain valuable insights in their marketing efforts.

We listened to the growing demand for affordable ways to market music. Instead of hiring expensive tech- and marketing companies to create tools, we made a platform that enables artists to make these tools themselves. Saving them time and money.”


The products and services that Kwettr offers are diverse and of immeasurable utility, adapted to artists at different stages of their career and of any musical genre. From the list of customers, we can highlight well-known names like Beatport, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Universal Music Group, Ferry Corsten, among others. Direct messaging apps, unlock tool and data analysis tools are some of the services available, but we will analyse them all in more detail:


Unlock Tools

8 different Unlock Tools, varying from Social Unlocks, Referral Hacks, Remix Competitions, Games and Puzzles.

Direct Message Campaigns

Send personalised, direct messages to fans. Communicate a new release, tour or event.

Spotify marketing

Guaranteed playlist features on user-generated playlists, for all genres.

Influencer marketing

Collect data on influencers, backlinks and social stats. Get in touch with influencers.

Kwettr app

Feature your content in the Kwettr app. Reach your fans using geo-targeting and let them listen to exclusive content.

Smart landing page

Create your own music landing page to lead customers on where to buy, stream or unlock your content. Use one link to communicate your music across all your channels.


Kwettr generates reports of social media channels. Improve content strategy, find active users and how to interact with them.


SEO analysis, improving website performance.


Visit the official website here and find out all about this new DIY marketing platform, including pricing.


Image Credit: Kwettr (via Facebook)