Ellen Allien to perform at a 300-people pilot rave in Berlin

The local German DJ Ellen Allien will perform at a 300-people capacity pilot rave taking place in the charismatic Revier Südost in Berlin on Sunday June 13.
This one will be the first ever legal party in Berlin since the pandemic started. It is being organised by the Hygiene Concepts and Infection Protection In The Event Industry (Hygieia) and it is backed by the local German government. The show that will be running from 2pm until 10pm at night, granted tickets through a random raffle. The interested participants had time until yesterday to join to be able to get a ticket and the 300 lucky winners will be the ones attending the event.
However, there are certain rules to comply in order to access the venue in Revier Südost. All attendants either must have been fully vaccinated (with all doses) 14 days before the event date, or have passed the coronavirus in the past 6 months or present a negative PCR or antigen test. In case of having passed the virus, attendants will have to provide evidence with a proper medical certificate.
Having considered and complied with these requirements the ticket holders will be lucky enough to celebrate a small but legendary event that will serve as a first step in the reopening of the Berlin club scene.
More information about the pilot rave can be read here.
Image Credit: Raphael Schaller

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