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Berlin-based drug testing initiative has been offering free drug testing for any interested in testing their products in the hope of achieving a greater culture of drug safety and awareness. The initiative has seen great response but troubling results. Drugs and raves have been intermingled for decades. Now, many in the rave scene are looking to combat unsafe drug use,

Berghain, the famous Berlin club, which first opened it's doors in 2004, is rumored to be closing permanently at the end of 2022.  The rumors come on the heels of the in house booking agency and record label, Ostgut Ton, ceasing operations earlier this year. The unique history of the club truly begins in 1998, when the club first opened its

A number of DJs and EDM streaming platforms have decided to raise funds for Ukraine this upcoming week by hosting live-stream sets.  All proceeds will directly benefit Ukrainian organizations following the events that have taken place this past week. On Thursday, February 24th, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, declared war on their neighbouring country Ukraine by invading the country on

Although nightclubs in the city of Berlin, Germany were allowed to be open under Covid-19 rules, many remained closed due to a forced law of social distancing and masks as well as the ability to dance being banned since December. Finally, Senkulteu (Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe) announced that restrictions would be lifted once again and clubs can

As the fight against COVID-19 continues worldwide, different measures emerge on the daily, amid protests from the public towards governments and their officials. Taking action against the pandemic is in the better interest of all, however, there are instances where certain measures seem as unjustified. Proving to have provoked some sort of controversy within the live entertainment industry, the recent

Indoor Berlin clubs could potentially reopen as soon as this weekend, says the city's club commission.  The reopening would only allow attendees who show proof of both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or who have recently recovered from the illness. The announcement comes following an announcement made on August 20th that the current COVID restrictions (which included the banning of indoor dancing)