Recent study reveals the best cities to visit in 2023 if you love music

A recent study by Bounce has analyzed what the best cities for music lovers in 2023 are, with cities in the United Kingdom and America coming up top within the top 10, and other cities such as Paris making an appearance.

As many will know, huge capital cities such as London, Paris, and Berlin are ultimate hotspots for music lovers all around the world, but a recent study by Bounce has analysed what cities are set to be the best to visit for music lovers in 2023. They concluded their research by analysing global cities that were notable for their music scene, on factors such as upcoming music festivals, record shops, and music venues to get a concrete list, and a certain UK city comes out on top this year.

With 27 upcoming festivals, 4,379 upcoming events, 137 venues with upcoming events, and 55 record stores, London comes out on top with an overall score of 9.95, which isn’t surprising considering that the capital has a constant stream of events at any given night of the week. This isn’t the only UK city in the top ten either, with Glasgow coming in 7th place and Manchester coming in 9th. Moving into the rest of Europe, techno paradise Berlin takes second place and Paris takes 5th place.

America and Canada are also well represented, with New York City, Montreal, Chicago, San Diego, and Los Angeles making up the rest of the list.

To read the full report and delve deeper into the Bounce research, visit the Bounce website here.


Photo by Simon Tartarotti on Unsplash

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