Berlin clubs could potentially reopen indoors this weekend

Indoor Berlin clubs could potentially reopen as soon as this weekend, says the city’s club commission.  The reopening would only allow attendees who show proof of both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or who have recently recovered from the illness.

The announcement comes following an announcement made on August 20th that the current COVID restrictions (which included the banning of indoor dancing) were likely to be “disproportionate” for those who have been vaccinated or have already been infected. Thus, on August 30th, the Senate of Berlin made the decision to allow clubs to fully reopen for those who fall into either category.

Currently, there is no specific date set but a post by the Clubcommission hints that indoor events could be returning as early as this Friday, September 3rd. Additionally, a proposal was made to make allowances for those who are not fully vaccinated or recently recovered to attend indoor parties with a negative PCR test. It has since been rejected, despite a number of trial events using this system over the past few months.

In a statement from the Clubcommission, they said,

the Berlin Senate decided today to open the club interiors for recovered and vaccinated people. There is no mask requirement or capacity cap. It will likely go into effect Friday night. The proposal of the Clubcommission to offer an option with PCR Tests was unfortunately not approved.

We are hoping our Berlin folks may resume dancing sooner rather than later!

Image Credit: via GoodTon