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The roll-out of Covid19 vaccines is gathering enormous pace in the UK, with unprecedented plans in place to ensure the vast majority of the UK adult population can receive their jab within the next few months with an aim towards normality by summer. With hundreds of hospitals, over 1000 GP practices, along with a multitude of mass vaccination centres manned

Always using his platform for good, David Guetta has done things like raising millions for charity whilst entertaining us through his United At Home livestreams, and now he's continuing to speak out for good and is urging people to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Of course, live events and festivals cannot happen in their full, normal capacity until a proper solution is found, and right now

News of a return to normality becomes more of a reality almost by the day, as the horror-show that is 2020 finally edges to a close, with continued and positive news of vaccines continuing to flood in. Earlier in November, news of a leading vaccine developed by Pfizer hit the headlines, followed by news of an effective vaccine from Moderna