Home Uncategorized Mark Knight shares his ‘Untold Business’, a funky new album: Listen
Toolroom boss Mark Knight has

Mark Knight shares his ‘Untold Business’, a funky new album: Listen

Home Uncategorized Mark Knight shares his ‘Untold Business’, a funky new album: Listen

Toolroom boss Mark Knight has released a sparkling long-playing, one meticulously selected collection to give voice to the first studio album from this renowned titan. In a succession of 13 tracks packed with vocals, funk, groove and soul, Mark Knight reveals his ‘Untold Business‘, out now via Toolroom.

When you think of the biggest names in the modern house, one of the first that comes to mind is undoubtedly Mark Knight. In his own name and as label head, Knight has firmly established himself in the dance music circuit, always with the special mission of offering an innovative and elegant approach to the club-ready sound, without erasing the basic values of the early days of dance. If you want to go back to Mark Knight’s first works, you will have to travel back about two decades. During all that time he has built up an enviable portfolio, full of house cuts, tech house pearls, and classy peak-time tunes.

His bootleg unfolds in a hybrid manner, showcasing the multifaceted and talented artist that he is. After so many releases signed by Knight, it’s hard to imagine that this is his first studio album. For such a gifted music producer, building an album seems like an easy task. However, there should be few tasks more complicated than curating an album, choosing the right tracks, the singles that really capture the artist’s soul, and embody the message he wants to get across. It took some time because that’s just the way art is, but we can assure you that the wait was well worth it. ‘Untold Business’ showcases Knight’s signature sounds on a record steeped in classic funk, pure disco, brilliant house and powerful soul. Mark Knight goes back to his roots and back to dance genesis to deliver the magic from back in the days. The ’70s, ’80s and ’90s brought together in a compilation of infectious vocal house, perfect to take the clubbing out of lockdown.

‘Untold Business’ is a cross-generational masterpiece that will please everyone from grandparents to grandchildren, as quality house music has no colour, age or religion. Tailored for the masses, these tracks promise to spread faster than the pandemic, to disseminate uplifting and rejuvenating energy. To create this album, Mark Knight has joined a high-quality list of other artists, who have shared their voice, soul and salero in the Toolroom boss productions. The list is long and stellar with names such as Jafunk, Chenai, Tasty Lopez, Gene Farris, Gia Woods, The Melody Men, Michael Gray, Robert Owens and many others.

As an appetiser, the lead single ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright brings together the whole concept of the album and encapsulates a powerful message. As a kick-off to the compilation, this single spreads positivity, hope and joy. The wonderful vocals of the talented Beverley Knight flesh out the groovy melody, while elements of the London Community Gospel Choir lift the protest to the skies. About this pearl, Mark Knight says:

‘I wanted to write a song of hope as we come out of this incredibly tough time (…) I feel that musicians and producers have a responsibility to provide the soundtrack to people’s lives, and with this glimmer of hope on the horizon, I wanted this song to be a moment of positivity for the future ahead.

All the tracks on the album are beautifully crafted, featuring a musicality and quality that will last through time. As well as new work, ‘Untold Business’ also includes three previously released tracks, including his mega-hit ‘All 4 Love‘.

These biographical albums have emerged as a result of the pandemic because of the artists’ availability to reflect their music in a slow way. ‘Untold Business’ is a journey between past and present that gives you energy and vitality for the future. A true ode to dance music, recalling disco-balls, bell-bottoms and lots of glitter. Put on your dancing shoes and listen to this seasoned house album below:


Image Credit: Mark Knight (via Facebook)

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