Martin Garrix releases vibrant remix of ‘We Are The People’ feat. Bono & The Edge

With the task of delivering the official anthem for one of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world, Dutch sensation Martin Garrix has once again showcased his versatility within the electronic music scene. The release of the UEFA EURO 2020 song ‘We Are The People’ featuring Bono and The Edge was the perfect way of promoting love and unity through the celebration of football and music!

Having released the original over a month ago, Garrix has now reworked the official anthem, adding high-energy into this latest remix. Looking to maintain the festive and uniting spirit of the track, Garrix has this time round opted for a more powerful twist, whilst at the same time has ensured that Bono’s vocals and The Edge’s guitar riffs have remained intact. Further showcasing his immense producing talent, the Dutch superstar has ensured that the original blend of each artist’s signature sound is still evident throughout, and in the meantime still be able to produce one of the party anthems of the summer in this remix.

The official release of this vibrant remix was also accompanied by a perfectly fitted for this special occasion music video. Garrix’s fans from all around the world were asked to submit footage of special moments in their life, unforgettable adventures that they have experienced, cherished family moments, and a simple but powerful smile of their loved ones. As expected, fans alike were eager to share their own life experiences, resulting in a collection of raw and real moments making the music video something more than incredible!

With Garrix more than excited for the return of festivals, the virtual performance delivered by himself, Bono and The Edge at the opening ceremony of the UEFA EURO 2020 was a clear indication of yet another big year ahead for one of EDM’s leading superstars. Alongside the official track and the remix of ‘We Are The People,’ Garrix was also tasked with the production of the official walkout and broadcast music for the tournament. Now gearing up for the return of the festival season, we can surely expect for this latest remix within Garrix’s sets, but for the meantime you can check out the official music video for ‘We Are The People’ (Martin Garrix Remix) below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Image Credit: Martin Garrix (via Facebook)

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