Home Uncategorized Paul Kalkbrenner remixes wife's 2016 hit ‘Techno Monkey’: Listen
German techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner remixes wife's 2016 hit ‘Techno Monkey’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Paul Kalkbrenner remixes wife's 2016 hit ‘Techno Monkey’: Listen

German techno legend Paul Kalkbrenner delivers another pristine remix, but this time it’s a very special work. For the first time, Kalkbrenner collaborates professionally with his life partner, his wife Simina Grigoriu. Paul Kalkbrenner has an extensive and brilliant career within the most authentic techno circuit. In his vast portfolio, we find mostly original works and only a few remixes. In fact, since 2018 this is the third one, and it’s the second one from 2021. A real rarity! Earlier this year, Kalkbrenner imprinted his unique sound on ‘Invisible‘, a magnificent and atmospheric single from French producer NTO, giving it a rather hypnotic soft techno flavour. It seems the charismatic German artist is getting a taste for remixes, and fans couldn’t be more delighted with these masterpieces.

Techno princess Simina Grigoriu released ‘Techno Monkey’ in 2016 on her imprint Kuukou. The single was received like an atomic bomb, which quickly spread globally. The industrial and destructive sound of ‘Techno Monkey’ turned dancefloors into proper techno jungles, packed with hard-hitting sounds, perfect for sweaty warehouses. After almost five years, Simina announces an ambitious project of resounding proportions, which involves the release of nine huge remixes of ‘Techno Monkey’. To flesh out the reinvented versions of ‘Techno Monkey’, Simina Grigoriu and the Kuukou Records team have carefully selected an all-star line-up that includes classics and fresh blood. Kicking off this collection of renditions comes ‘Techno Monkey Remixed Vol. 1’, the project’s first EP. Scheduled for release on July 9, it will include not only the wonderful rendition of Simina’s better half Paul Kalkbrenner but also one from American techno master Camea and another from Kuukou’s favourite Hito.

In the remix that Kalkbrenner designed for his wife’s hit, we find the Berlin Techno sound that runs through his veins. Industrial, metallic and echoing sounds mark the stomp, which becomes more and more frenetic as it unfolds. The more orbiting and melodic layers are not forgotten, creating breathing zones in the music. It’s propulsive, unsettling and quite addictive.

Listen below to this unique reinterpretation of ‘Techno Monkey’ by Paul Kalkbrenner:

Image Credit: Paul Kalkbrenner (via Facebook)


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