Afrojack Tomorrowland Around The World

Afrojack impresses with vibrant Tomorrowland Around The World set

If any DJ knows how to throw a party, it is Afrojack, and he did so this past weekend in front of a virtual audience for the latest edition of Tomorrowland Around The World.

Dropping an awe-inspiring performance in the virtual land of Pāpiliōnem, Afrojack exceeded all expectations as part of the The Amicorum Spectaculum celebrations. Kicking off proceedings with his own, sparkling intro ID, he set off as he meant to continue throughout his unforgettable 45-minute time slot. Absolute carnage ensued in typical Afrojack style, as he lay down a handful of exclusive mashups, originals and even a handful more IDs, including one that could potentially see him release alongside DubVision and another under his Kapuchon alias. His set was particularly unique as he was also one of the only DJs to invite one of his good friends on stage, drawing out Chico Rose to play out with their hit ‘You Got The Love’ for the Tomorrowland contingent. The evening wasn’t without his classic records either, exploring nostalgia with tunes such as ‘Ten Feet Tall’, ‘No Beef’ and ‘Turn Up The Speakers.’

If we gained anything special from this incredible set at Tomorrowland Around The World, we sure realised just how much unreleased music Afrojack is sitting on at the moment and that we can’t wait for him to release it.


Image Credit: Afrojack Twitter Page

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