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Live sector campaign ‘Back To Live’ gains momentum in Austria

The live sector in Austria has come together in support of the ‘Back To Live’ campaign that aims to boost the industry’s recovery, post-lockdown.

Organisations such as CTS Eventim Austria, Live Nation, Barracuda, and Arcadia are hoping to make a difference as the ‘Back To Live’ campaign kicked off last week. The first efforts have been beneficial already, as an online portal has been launched that offers and overview of upcoming events in the country as well as exclusive discounts that will hopefully encourage thousands to attend them.

The campaign aims to benefit all industries connected to live entertainment including sport, music, tourism, hospitality, and events after the country effectively reopened at the start of July.

The road to economic stability is well under way in Austria as all events have been permitted to go ahead at full capacity, both indoor and outdoor. The public are allowed to attend should they provide evidence that they have been vaccinated; can provide a negative test; or prove that they have recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

Hopefully we will see the live sector in Austria return to business faster than expected, as over 120 parties are backing the refreshing ‘Back To Live’ campaign.

Image Credit: Culture Trip

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