Sam Allan

Sam Allan & Salvo combine on gorgeous new track ‘Surrender’: Listen

Seeing two names combine for what is set to be an explosive collaboration like no other, Sam Allan has teamed up with Salvo to deliver the electrifying track ‘Surrender’.

One of the American electronic music scene’s finest exports, Sam Allan has an extensive and successful career under his belt. Whether he is opening for some of the biggest acts including Kaskade and Paul Van Dyk to name a couple, or being chosen as a support act for an Eric Prydz HOLO show, his talents are making ripples throughout the scene and command attention from fans and fellow producers alike. Collaborating with the likes of AXYLNino Lucarelli and many more, he showcases a signature style which isn’t confined to just one genre, rather exploring a wide range of sub-genres and allowing his production skills to shine in the best possible way. Further showcasing these skills he has teamed up with songstress and vocal expert Salvo to deliver a dynamic, beautiful track ready for the masses to hear.

‘Surrender’ is the latest addition to Sam Allan’s ever-growing discography, and it is certainly a standout piece of work. Deep and sensual, ‘Surrender’ makes you do exactly what the title says: ‘Surrender’ to the soaring soundscape and let your body take over your mind as you dance to the rhythm. Utilising Salvo’s vocals in an incredible way, they blend expertly with Sam Allan’s way of producing. A versatile track, this. can be listened to in any scenario whether it be on the packed dancefloor or a soundtrack to accompany a beautiful sunset.

On August 6, Sam Allan will be headlining a special show at the esteemed nightclub Lavo, where Salvo where join him. An unmissable event for any fan of the two artists or any music lover, the pair will unite for a special performance of the track. ‘Surrender’ is a true work of art, and it is out now to listen to below.

Image Credit: Sam Allan (Press)

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