WhoMadeWho drop sun-drenched downtempo cut ‘Summer’: Listen

Iconic Danish trio WhoMadeWho are slowly unveiling their upcoming album, now revealing yet another magnificent extract. ‘Summer‘ is the name of the single out today via Embassy One which promises to be a holiday postcard sound.

WhoMadeWho are one of the most bizarre formations on the circuit and have a very strong presence and distinctive signatures. With costumes that are handpicked and matching each other, the trio always presents a stupendous dynamic and cohesion that is clearly reflected in their music and the spectacularity of their performances. A WhoMadeWho set is never just a set, it’s a show. Always accompanied by the paraphernalia of instruments that make up their setup and dazzling fans with their live sung vocals, WhoMadeWho deliver unique and unrepeatable moments. The Danish group, consisting of Tomas Høffding, Tomas Barfod and Jeppe Kjellberg, is characterised by an extrasensory sound and an exceptional sense of emotional depth. Each of the elements is a central piece to an expansive discography spanning a total of six albums and numerous EPs, singles and remixes released on some of the most renowned international labels. Conjugating the pristine songwriting, the intense vocals and the mesmerising heartfelt layering, the trio established themselves as one of the most important underground acts of their generation.

Earlier this year, in March, WhoMadeWho took Egypt by storm in a performance that blew the mind from the temples of Abu Simbel for Cercle. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect for the hypnotic soundscape present in all of the group’s productions. This set was another appetiser for the fans who are looking forward to the release of their seventh studio album. ‘Summer’ is the second single to be taken from the upcoming LP, following the highly acclaimed cut ‘Mermaids‘ released back in May. Both singles are available today as an EP, forming the perfect pack for this summer. On ‘Mermaids’, the group hailed to be magical sea creatures and on ‘Summer’ the surrealism continues to make everything more magical. Etheral toplines and subtle organic instrumentations. That could be the description of WhoMadeWho’s sound but it’s the perfect fit for these tracks, especially the recently released ‘Summer’. Beautifully crafted, this downtempo pearl emanates a dreamy and hypnotic vibe that transports you to another dimension. This is taking reflective and immersive music to another level of tripped-out exploration. The amount of instruments WhoMadeWho employ gives ‘Summer’ refined yet complex textures, beautifully caressed by silky melody. The warped synthesizers and restrained beats run through the six-minute cut, while Høffding’s vocals dazzle you. It’s a dreamlike track, spiced with a half-tribal surrealistic mystique, an eclectic journey into their experimental spirit. About the inspiration behind the single, WhoMadeWho said:

‘Summer is made to sound like an old postcard. The words are inspired by a great Danish song by master rock-poet CV Jørgensen. It’s a conversation about wasting a whole summer chasing ghosts, drinking too much. Perhaps it really ended up being about the fact that summer 2020 was supposed to be this amazing time for us, but Corona changed that drastically. We hope the song resonates with the world, because we believe everyone felt the same at that time.’

Enter into ‘Summer’ by WhoMadeWho, press play below:


Image Credit: WhoMadeWho (via Facebook)