350+ Dutch event organizations to join “Unmute Us” protests

More than 350 organisations from the Dutch event industry are backing a protest march dubbed “Unmute Us” this Saturday, against current restrictions in place that have essentially wiped out festival season in the Netherlands.

Last week, the Dutch government outlined that they were to be continuing with the current restrictions that prevent multi-day festivals with overnight stays until at least September 19. The announcement has sparked outrage however, as they contradict the governments original promise that they could take place again once everyone had been offered the vaccine.

Some of the most renowned festivals in Netherlands’ such as A State of Trance Festival, Amsterdam Open Air, DGTL, and Awakenings are just a few selected from hundreds of others that are behind the protest. While these events have faced restrictions, other large scale events in the sports and entertainment have been allowed to go ahead with capacity crowds.

This was detailed in a statement/argument on the “Unmute Us” website:

“Elsewhere in society there is room for full football stadiums and overcrowded fairgrounds, but safely organised events are not given any space. And that has been the case since the start of the pandemic, more than a year and a half ago,” […] ” It shows a total undermining and misjudgment of everyone who cares about culture and nightlife.”

“With ‘Unmute Us’ we make a fist. We are sending out a clear signal to The Hague: it can no longer be done like this, we will not be silenced. The sector asks for a clear plan for the future, with measurable agreements, but also for recognition of the emotional state of the many visitors and makers who do not feel heard. We want to be able to meet again, laugh and dance again. Above all, we want to be able to look ahead again.”

The “Unmute Us” protest marches are set to take place on Saturday 21 August across many cities in the Netherlands; the new campaign hopes to capture the hearts of the young festival go-ers in the country who have been devoid of the freedom to dance together again.


Image Credit: ALDA

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