BT revises ‘Wildfire’ featuring remixes from Sean Tyas & Somna: Listen

There is one thing that can be considered a certainty, there is nothing BT can’t do, especially surprising fans. Whatever electronic device the multitalented artist has in front of him, quality is invariably guaranteed. When it’s music, you already know it’s going to be a hit. This time, BT goes for an interesting progressive vibe resurrecting ‘Wildfire‘, one of the extracts from his ‘The Lost Art Of Longing‘ LP, released last summer. Besides coming with clever lyrics, a beautiful song and a killer production, ‘Wildfire’ features two fantastic remixes. This floor-flaming pack is now out via Black Hole Recordings.

This complex yet delicious song was written and performed by the talented Canadian vocalist Brenna MacQuarrie, who challenges listeners to encounter the classic ‘can’t live with/without’ dilemma. The guitar strum and piano ponder imputes a buoyant serenity that is not lasting. Doing justice to the name, ‘Wildfire’ gains an unbridled rhythm and dynamics ensured by the bass waves. This progressive sparkling cut is presented with harmonic winds and sun-tipped synths that make you meditate in a pulsating dance. But if the original exhales progressive house, its renditions are an invitation to the wonderful world of trance.

Sean Tyas delivers a powerful and robust version, leaning on the bass drum. The vocal work is sublime, giving it more rhythm with a well-done dubbing game. Although tenser, the version unfolds on an uplifting mainline, offering infectious energy.

More dramatic and dynamic is Somna‘s interpretation. The beginning is deceptively subdued, like the original version. After a bright build made with intense snares, the drop arrives violently and excitingly, throwing you onto the dancefloor.

There are three different kinds of ‘Wildfire’, but they all share the same concept. Get ready for a ‘Wildfire’ journey, with plenty of emotional highs and lows. Play below.

Image Credit: BT (Press)