FLUME supplies electric remix of Danny L Harle’s ‘On A Mountain’: Listen

With a project like no other, FLUME has just blessed fans alike with an electric remix of Danny L Harle’s (aka DJ Danny) ‘On A Mountain.’ Becoming the first DJ/producer to rework a track that has come to life through the Harlecore project, this latest track provides the type of energy needed in order to take the listener on a journey into the unknown.

The unveiling of the Harlecore project by progressive pop pioneer L Harle came at a time where the industry was not quite ready for a concept that is out of this world. Doubling as both an album and an online digital space, the whole concept was surrounded by the bold vision of a rave utopia. Providing an immersive audiovisual experience for anyone lucky enough to be involved, this digital space allows users to “experience euphoria in a number of ways.” Based in Club Harlecore, fans alike are blessed with a variation of genres courtesy of the club’s resident DJ’s, with each room creating a contrast like no other.

Matching both the ambition and scale of this project, L Harle’s 13 track album is his way of showcasing his love for music, whilst at the same time ensures that all listeners will be embarking on a journey that is as unique as it can be. Now taking the musical experience one step further, Australian super-producer FLUME has been given the opportunity of reworking DJ Danny’s ‘On A Mountain,’ and in doing so has become the first artist outside the Harlecore project to be directly involved with the production of new music.

Wasting no time, FLUME has taken this track to a different dimension, with this latest remix showcasing the euphoric side of hardcore music. Following the release of his collaboration with Toro Y Moi, ‘The Difference,’ and his remix to Eiffel 65’sBlue,’ FLUME has now further showcased his undeniable producing talents, as well as how versatile he can be. Bringing on a unique, disruptive sense of rhythm, FLUME has maintained some of the track’s original elements, and at the same time has ensured that the remix stays’ true to what the Harlecore project is all about.

Out now via Mad Decent Records, the remix of ‘On A Mountain’ by FLUME is the first of a special series surrounding Harlecore remixes. We could not be any more excited for what’s to come in the coming months. Such projects help elevate the electronic dance scene to a different level, and at the same time help expand the horizons of music fans all around the world. Make sure to stream FLUME’s remix of ‘On A Mountain’ here and below, and let us know what you think of the track and the project as a whole in the comments section.

Image Credit: FLUME

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