Love Regenerator & Eli Brown team up to deliver uplifting house cut ‘We Can Come Together’: Listen

Did someone ask for a joyful house banger? Love Regenerator and Eli Brown have heard your prayers and now deliver a magical piano-infused house single capable of lifting your spirits until the end of summer. Even if the end of summer and the holidays are already on the horizon for some, the magic of ‘We Can Come Together‘ will eternalise the energy of beach parties forever. It is a shot of a good mood to consume without moderation.

Love Regenerator is Calvin Harris‘ underground alias. Through this new persona, the famed producer has embraced music and production in a light-hearted and natural way, indulging in passion without pressure from the masses. But the truth is that Love Regenerator’s productions have delighted underground fans but also lovers of more commercial music. This proves that Calvin Harris has a natural gift for successful music no matter what name or genre he chooses. Love Regenerator’s first collaboration came in April 2020 with Eli Brown. The originality that Love Regenerator works with seems to match perfectly with Eli Brown’s quirkiness. The result was two tracks, two time travels in which the two talented producers merged classic sounds with a modern approach. Tech house, techno and house. All this together with that 90’s music charm.

This old-school vibe is ignited again on ‘We Can Come Together’, out now via Columbia Records (Sony). Both Love Regenerator and Eli Brown have a habit of delving into a darker, contemplative, reflective and heavier soundscape. However, for this summer banger, both have moved away from the dark underground to work a brighter, clearer and lighter sound. The vocals are catchy and classic, with a groove so intense it makes you dance immediately. The message ‘we can make it better‘ is addictive and meaningful, offering the hope and energy we all need right now. The piano beat is simple and perfect, infusing a vibrant vibe, much in the style of the golden days of house music. The narrative is composed of simple but well-crafted elements, with passionate crescendos and drops that throw you into the dancefloor. This song really makes you believe that ‘We Can Come Together’. About this energetic single, Calvin Harris said:

 ‘Here’s something we hope puts a smile on your face and a positive outlook in your head’

Whether as Calvin Harris or Love Regenerator, the Scottish producer hasn’t stopped gifting fans with new music. Get ready to feel all the heat of summer in this fantastic single, listen to ‘We Can Come Together’ below:


Image Credit: Press