Solomun delivers a colossal remix of Nina Kraviz’s ‘Skyscrapers’: Listen

What can be more exciting than a great track? A colossal remix, especially when the heavyweights release revamped versions of each other’s singles. Deep sound legendary maestro Solomun has delivered a majestic rendition of Nina Kraviz’s latest release ‘Skyscrapers’. This club-focused rendition is out now via Nina’s imprint Nina Kraviz Music.

Nina and Solomun’s friendship goes back many years and has endured over time, perpetuating itself now with this splendid remix. In a post on his social media, Mladen Solomun wrote that he has a deep respect for Nina Kraviz’s work, feeling honored to have produced his own interpretation of her work. It was Solomun’s first time remixing a track by his fellow artist and the result is stunning. About the remix, Nina said:

‘I asked Solomun for a remix of ‘Skyscrapers’ because he is an awesome guy! We have known each other for a very long time as he was one of the first people to invite me to play. I remember it very well, it was in his club Ego in Hamburg. Only good memories!”

The remix is another perfect example of Solomun’s talents and his ability to infuse his work with clubbing energy. The vocals are completely rearranged and the pace of the track has been elevated to the extreme, making it floor-ready. The way Solomun arranged the elements and the breaks give the remix an industrial character without leaving aside the trance vibe achieved with the vocals. Melodic house, peak-time techno, trance, and electronic. All blended in an elegant and exquisite way, resulting in a personalized course with all the typical flavors of Solomun.

This remix of ‘Skyscrapers’ has been featured in the Bosnian-German artist’s DJ sets and triggered an incendiary reaction in the crowd at his most recent performance in Antwerp last weekend. Now, you don’t have to attempt to listen to this pearl on YouTube footage anymore. Enjoy this dance cut from start to finish, press play below:

Image Credits: Solomun (via Facebook), Nina Kraviz (via Facebook)