Home Uncategorized Tommy Trash drops new Kiesza collab ‘Tectonic’ and opens up about his career & life
Tommy Trash drops new Kiesza collab ‘Tectonic’ and opens up about his career & life
Tommy Trash
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Tommy Trash drops new Kiesza collab ‘Tectonic’ and opens up about his career & life

Home Uncategorized Tommy Trash drops new Kiesza collab ‘Tectonic’ and opens up about his career & life

It’s safe to say that Tommy Trash is back to making music permanently, and he is ensuring that 2021 is his. In February, he returned with ‘BE’, featured on the mau5trap label’s ‘We Are Friends, Vol. 10’ compilation and it didn’t stop there. Seemingly making up for lost time, he then turned up the heat on hau5trap, under the umbrella of mau5trap, with ‘hiiigh’ and after that, No Mana collaborationCan’t Say No. Now, he’s treating us to even more new material. Together, Tommy Trash and Kiesza are combining their talents for the new track ‘Tectonic’. As it stands, the track has proven to be personal for both of them. Tommy Trash states that it gave him clarity for the first time since his sabbatical:

I took what I thought at the time was an indefinite sabbatical from music after being caught up in the crazy-ass DJ life for years and years. I needed time to disappear. A trip to Costa Rica and many experiences with ayahuasca during that time changed my life forever. Life had caught up with me and I realised just how mental it had become, and just how much I needed to reconnect – with friends, family, nature, myself AND MUSIC!

This single I made with Kiesza represents my first real moment of clarity since that sabbatical. The instrumental was conceived towards the end of my time off and made with love. It’s spiritual, it’s optimistic and it’s only the beginning. I really hope you like it. I’m back!’

Although this is certainly not the first track he’s released since his comeback, it was made just before the world would see him again and holds special ties to him personally. A stunning production, Tommy Trash and Kiesza take us into a dreamy realm. Signifying a change in direction for Tommy Trash, this piano house sound is injected to the brim with emotion and passion which is further driven by the backstory behind it. With Tommy Trash taking his three year sabbatical to find balance to then allow his career to regenerate, on the other hand Kiesza suffered a brain injury stemming from a car crash back in 2017, rendering her unable to move, sing or perform and forcing her into isolation away from the career and life she knew. With both artists showcasing their tremendous strength, ‘Tectonic’ has brought them together in a beautifully unique way and has served as a catalyst for their rebirth.

“I began ‘Tectonic’ as a folk song on my mother’s grand piano and Tommy Trash took the song to a level I could have never imagined. I love how the unique combination of the deep poetic lyrics and haunting melody combines so effortlessly with Tommy’s energetic and driving electronic house music, to create the most beautiful sense of melancholy. I’m blown away by his creativity and talent as a producer and definitely can not wait to create more music with him!” – Kiesza

Listen to the new Tommy Trash and Kiesza collaboration below, or stream it here.


Image Credit: Tommy Trash (via Facebook)

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