TR3AL talks: returning to the stage, the TR3AL XPERIENCE and more: Interview

Multi-faceted producer and DJ TR3AL is certainly making 2021 his. After huge success with his first single of the year ‘I Am the Party‘, he has continued this success stream in all of his projects throughout this year. Recently returning to the stage to showcase his exciting TR3AL XPERIENCE to eager fans, we wanted to know all about this and more, so we sat down with TR3AL to find out more.


Returning to the stage is something that has been emotional and exciting for DJs all over, and this certainly is no different for TR3AL.

With COVID-19 impacting your touring schedule, how significant is it for you to finally return on stage and showcase your music to the world?

It’s very important for me to get back on the road and show my fans what I’ve been working on the past 18 months. I have so much unreleased music I would like to share.


The resumption of concerts and live shows has been something we have all been eagerly anticipating, how much time and effort did you spend on your set at Los Globos? 

I wanted to make this set special. I spent about 4 months working on this set. I put in a lot of hours on this set. 


With your return at Los Globos, you were able to once again promote your TR3AL XPERIENCE to your fans. How significant is it for you to not only showcase new productions, but also ensure your laser show is like no other?

My production team is great. They deserve a lot of credit. With the TR3AL XPERIENCE I always try to come up with fresh ideas to make each show better and more unique. My shows are built with a lot of lasers and high energy music. Fans who haven’t seen the show yet will definitely love the XPERIENCE.


Image Credit: TR3AL (Live from TR3AL XPERIENCE)


With touring set to resume for the rest of 2021, do you have any special plans that your fans may not be expecting at this current time?

My plans for the rest of 2021 are to come up with some fresh ideas for my laser show. I plan on taking the TR3AL XPERIENCE show on the road in 2022.


We wanted to find out more about the TR3AL XPERIENCE, a show that is completely unique, setting itself apart from what is currently out there in terms of live shows within the industry.

Providing your fans with a unique experience is something you deeply care about. When did you come up with the idea of TR3AL XPERIENCE, and how significant do you feel visuals such as laser shows are when performing for a live crowd?

I came up with the idea a couple years ago. I think visuals are very important when performing for a live crowd. Fans come to hear good music and when you start adding production into your shows it gives your fans an experience they won’t forget.


We also wanted to know how TR3AL spent his lockdown and how the pandemic affected himself as an artist.

COVID-19 has put a hold on the industry as a whole, in turn this means more time for producers to spend at the studio. How has the current situation influenced your music as an artist, and how productive have you been in the studio during these unprecedented times?

During covid I worked on my craft a lot. I was able to finish a lot of music, I also learned a lot of new techniques on the production side of things. Even though covid was a negative situation I was able to find a positive in it.


Image Credit: TR3AL (Live from TR3AL XPERIENCE)


Aside from the show, TR3AL has been working on a lot of new music to be released excitingly for fans.

With your fans eagerly anticipating the release of new music, could you give us an insight on any new productions that you have been working on, and when they may be released? 

I have a lot of music to be released. My team and I have been going through a lot of my music preparing it so we can release some songs. The goal is to release a song before the end of the year.


Performing at Los Globos for the first time in 18 months must have felt like a surreal moment. Could you give us further insight on the show as a whole, and where you plan to take the TR3AL XPERIENCE next?

It felt so good it was like the first day of school the excitement was unbelievable. Just by being in the venue for the first time in 18 months had my stomach crawling with butterflies. I didn’t know when live shows would return. I plan on taking the TR3AL XPERIENCE out of state for a special  NYE show. I also plan on taking this show on the road across the U.S. Spring/Summer of 2022.


Featured Image Credit: TR3AL (Live from TR3AL EXPERIENCE)

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