Home Uncategorized Elderbrook announces forthcoming ‘Innerlight’ EP and unveils new single ‘I'll Find My Way To You’
Elderbrook announces forthcoming ‘Innerlight’ EP and unveils new single ‘I'll Find My Way To You’
Image Credit: Elderbrook (via Facebook

Elderbrook announces forthcoming ‘Innerlight’ EP and unveils new single ‘I'll Find My Way To You’

Home Uncategorized Elderbrook announces forthcoming ‘Innerlight’ EP and unveils new single ‘I'll Find My Way To You’

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter Elderbrook continues to amaze fans and the industry with his unprecedented talent. This time the self-taught and live phenomenon delights followers with the announcement of his much-anticipated forthcoming EP ‘Innerlight‘ and shares another extract from that 4-track work set to be released on October 8. ‘I’ll Find My Way To You‘ is a collaborative track featuring talented LA-based artist Emmit Fenn.

Elderbrook’s name resonated with full force in 2017 when his massive platinum-selling hit ‘Cola‘ with CamelPhat emerged. His vocals and writing stood out and showed the world his talent and creativity. His enigmatic live performances have become one of the most successful concepts in the new wave of electronic music, making him a very strong and recognised player today. His originals have inspired many artists to produce great remixes, which always end up becoming huge hits. Elderbrook’s debut album ‘Why Do We Shake In The Cold‘ featuring the collaborations of Rudimental, Black Coffee and Diplo dropped last year amassed over 200 million streams, perpetuating his enormous talent. The heartfelt and meaningful lyrics, his dense and mysterious vocals, his touching musicianship. These are some of the ingredients that make Elderbrook a favourite in the sphere of electronic vocal-lead pop and one of the most eminent names in melodic dance music.

‘I’ll Find My Way To You’ is the second single from ‘Innerlight’ to be revealed, after the pristine cut ‘Inner Light‘ in collaboration with electronic duo Bob Moses. These two extracts already hint that the EP will be one of the most significant releases of the last quarter of this year. ‘Innerlight’ will also include ‘Dominos‘ with Louis The Child, and ‘Broken Mirror‘ produced by Kölsch. On the four-track work, Elderbrook said:

‘The EP is all about how important it is to trust your instincts and believe that you do have the right ideas (…) that it’s important to follow your own inner light. It represents the journey of self-discovery that I have been on since becoming a father and learning how to navigate that and trust in myself.

In the last few years, I’ve toured the US many times and met and played shows with some amazing artists. Whilst stuck in the UK during lockdown, I wanted to see if I could make some records with some of the artists I love from over there, and all the collaborations on this EP came about by working via a combination of zoom and phone calls and emails.’

If it’s true that good attracts the good, the new single ‘I’ll Find My Way To You’ seems to show that talent attracts talent. Emmit Fenn is a singer, songwriter and producer worth keeping an eye on. His debut single reached number one on Spotify ‘Global Viral’ and over the next few years, he has not let his fame wane producing more hits, including one for the renowned Billie Eilish.

‘I’ll Find My Way To You’ is an elegant and deep dance cut. The vocals are clean, lacerating and touching. The melody is light yet complex, filling the mood with a delicate yet prominent bass. It’s a song that includes the essential ingredients of the best dance music, with the atmospheric and introspective character of Elderbrook. It’s an invitation to close your eyes and let yourself go with the enveloping music of’ I’ll Find My Way To You’. It is without a doubt an appetizer that sharpens the anticipation of the EP’s release.

Image Credit: Elderbrook (via Facebook)

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