Elderbrook & Bob Moses link up for sensational track ‘Inner Light’: Listen

It’s well known that the legendary Alexander Kotz, who is better known as Elderbrook is a talented guy in the music industry, exploding onto the scene in 2017. Since then, the songwriter and producer has developed a highly esteemed portfolio of hits such as the well-loved grammy-nominated multiple platinum track ‘Cola’ with Camelphat as well as the recent offering ‘Body’. The producer and vocalist has now linked up with the sensational crossover house-pop duo Bob Moses for a brand new release titled Inner Light.

Inner Light’ marks as the official first single from Elderbrook’s forthcoming EP that is scheduled to release on the 10th of August and features collaborations from Kölsch and Louis The Child. ‘Inner Light’ itself is extremely elegant, beginning with delicate piano notes before being joined by impactful vocals. With subtle bursts of energy during the song’s chorus with its production style, the song also benefits from its impressive lyrics and the meaning behind them, something Elderbrook explains when he adds:

“The song is about someone that’s too self-conscious to dance, – The person asking them realises that they are unsure but tells them ‘don’t worry about it, trust your instincts’ and follow your ‘inner-light.’”

Elderbrook is returning to touring now that the world begins to open up from the Covid-19 pandemic, with him playing Lollapalooza this weekend and also embarking on a highly anticipated European Tour this November in support of his brand new EP. You can find more information and tickets to the tour here. ‘Inner Light’ is out now on Parlophone and you can check it out for yourself on Spotify below, don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Image Credit: Elderbrook (Via Facebook)

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