Love Regenerator & Solardo collide on ‘Rollercoaster’ & ‘All of a Sudden’: Listen

Calvin Harris brings his moniker Love Regenerator back to the release charts with two exciting new singles. About a month after releasing ‘We Can Come Together‘ with Eli Brown, Love Regenerator pairs up with Mancunian duo Solardo to deliver two brand new tracks. ‘Rollercoaster‘ and ‘All of a Sudden‘ are out now via Columbia Records (Sony).

It’s not just the choice of shirts and sunglasses, but Love Regenerator gravitates towards infectious retro rave energy, which seems to have provided the fuel to produce these two dance gems. Solardo and Love regenerator are no strangers to each other. Last year Solardo released a tech house rendition of Love Regenerator’s ‘Live With Your Love‘. Now the producers team up again to share this set of originals.

If you think of the old-school clubbing vibes of the 90s and add the most exquisite tech house to it what do you get? Two bombastic house tracks with just the right energy to blow up any dancefloor.

‘Rollercoaster’ is a big tune that has been spreading excitement in Solardo’s sets in recent times. Fans have been counting the days for this release and finally, the wait is over. The track starts with a disco-infused vibe that is quickly spiced up by the dense percussion. The synths are beautifully executed and the acidic bassline is definitely the soul of this single. ‘Rollercoaster’ is funk, is disco, is house, is dance. But it’s not only its sound that takes you back to a vintage scenario. The track develops around the sample of ‘Love Rollercoaster‘, a classic R&B/funk track from the ’70s produced by Ohio Players and later covered by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. This ’70s extract now gets a modern twist that promises to be a secret weapon for any set. A real floor-filler.

‘All of a Sudden’ has rave written all over it. With a more minimalist, swirling narrative, this track displays a magnificent breakbeat and tantalising alarm bells. More industrial and quite hypnotic, ‘All of a Sudden’ is an elegant dance track, possible to consume delicately but without missing the rhythm. It’s the perfect cross between the 90’s raver spirit and the more modern layers of sound.

They are two very distinct and different tracks. It’s a day/night pairing that showcases the talents of these accomplished producers. Calvin Harris has said before that this alias was to shape his more genuine musical side and so far he has done nothing less than surprise with pristine produced music and brilliant creativity. Solardo have only had success in their way and these tracks will certainly cement that. All in all, this pairing has worked out really well.

Jump on the dancefloor and listen to ‘Rollercoaster’ and ‘All of a Sudden’ below:


Image Credit: Calvin Harris (via Facebook)