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Rolls Rollin returns with the release of his latest single ‘Punch Bass’: Listen

Returning with a bang, Rolls Rollin has just released his latest single titled ‘Punch Bass.’ Emerging in the electronic dance scene with his debut single ‘Big Booty’ back in May 2020, the Canadian DJ/producer is showing no signs of slowing down!

With a distinct sound throughout, this latest track will have the listener begging for more. A certified bass house heater that builds from ominous beginnings to a truly ear shredding drop, ‘Punch Bass’ is the perfect heavy-duty production which fans alike have been eagerly awaiting, whilst the savage vocals on the track perfectly compliment the whole concept of this unique artist.

Versatile as ever, Rolls Rollin has kept fans guessing with each release, and in turn has build a legion of fans drawn through the artists’ ability of blending genres to perfection. From bass house to hardcore, from oldskool rave to riddim, Rolls Rollin is the definition of a master in disguise. With this latest single the perfect example of his musical prowess, Rolls Rollin had the following to say about his track;

“It’s a very high energy track and the bass really has that punchy sound that gets the people jumping. All in all; bangin track.”

Impacting the electronic dance industry from the get go is no easy task, however this multi-talented artist is definitely someone we will be keeping our eye on. From the success of his debut single, and the millions of streams racked on streaming platforms, we could not be any more certain that ‘Punch Bass’ will be following suit.

Out now via his own imprint, Rollin Royalty Records, you can check out ‘Punch Bass’ on Spotify below, with the track also available to stream on all platforms here. A certified banger to say the least, we will be eagerly awaiting for what’s next from this talented artist, but in the meantime we would like to know what you think of this track in the comments section.


Image Credit: Rolls Rollin (Press)

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