Slam gather techno stars into collaborative project ‘Louder Than Chaos’

Some people believe that emotion speaks louder than reason. Soma Records‘ Head Slam believe that music speaks louder than chaos and prove it in a fantastic collection of collaborations. The Scottish duo of techno producers announced the release of a five-part compilation featuring some of today’s most respected techno artists. The first volume of ‘Louder Than Chaos’ will be released this month on September 10 exclusively on Beatport and Soma Shop and later on September 24, it will be available on Bandcamp and other digital platforms, as well as on vinyl. The series of releases will feature collaborations between Slam and Hector Oaks, 99999999999, Keith Tucker (aka Optic Nerve), Amelie Lens, Rebekah, AnD, and Perc. The volumes of ‘Louder Than Chaos’ will arrive monthly, always with distinct pairings. The first will include the singles ‘Conveyor‘ by Slam & 99999999999, ‘Pathfinder‘ by Slam & Hector Oaks, and ‘Machine Conflict‘ by Slam & Optic Nerve.

Each of the EPs will have a unique and exclusive cover art produced by PPP Panic. Putting the 5 pieces together will result in a cohesive image of the German artist.

The idea for this collaborative project was born in 2020, while the world was facing unprecedented isolation and the industry was suffering from the biggest blow in memory. Out of these adversities was born this collective musical voice that promises to shout much louder than this virus. Slam describe ‘Louder Than Chaos’ as:

‘a collaborative project with friends, colleagues and contemporaries normally only seen at airports, or events, now brought together under a completely different set of circumstances, allowing for a purposeful connection in a time of disconnect.’

The collection brings together the talent and musicality of some of the most relevant players on the techno circuit and is packed with a strong and creative concept. While you wait for the release of the first part later this month, listen to one of the singles that will integrate volume 1 of ‘Louder Than Chaos’ below:

Image Credit: Slam (via Facebook)