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Premiere: Sander van Doorn dons Purple Haze moniker with anthemic single ‘Recover’: Listen

Premiering right here at We Rave You, Sander van Doorn has just released yet another banger under his moniker Purple Haze. Exploring the darker sides of trance under this side project, the label owner has been dropping one fire track after the other, and you’ve guessed right, this time round is no different! Titled ‘Recover,’ this track is destined for the very top of the charts.

Following up his most recent release ‘Faces,’ as well as ‘Rosy,’ ‘The Purpose,’ and ‘The King’s Court’ which all came out back in 2020, van Doorn has ensured that this cinematic track will have fans alike begging for more from the get go. A hushed vocal cut kicks off proceedings in the most entrancing of ways, whilst the addition of various synths and hefty baseline kicks elevate this track to a different dimension. Ensuring that the listener will go through an array of feelings, the bass drop helps captivate the essence of this masterpiece, whilst the energy remains throughout the entirety of ‘Recover.’

With a career spanning like no other, van Doorn has become a synonym with some of the most influential aspects regarding an artist within the electronic dance industry. The Dutch heavyweight has further established himself within the scene under his Purple Haze alias, where his infectious high-octane take on the genre has seen him releasing groundbreaking tracks on array of label records, including his very-own Doorn Records. When talking about ‘Recover,’ van Doorn had the following to say;

“My Purple Haze tracks are often inspired by how I feel in my surroundings at the time and “Recover” is a perfect example of that. I started working on this one while we were still in peak pandemic but couldn’t quite find the right mood. I already had ‘Faces’ as my outlet for missing the more gritty side of clubbing and was searching for something uplifting. As lockdowns started to relax I was thinking a lot about the how the world was about to come back to life in ways we’ve never experienced before. And that felt great, haha. Things just started coming together quickly and the melody is a representation of the slow but welcome buildup we’ve been experiencing all year. I have a couple more Purple Haze tracks on the way but this feels like the perfect fit for the period we’re in. I can’t wait to get back on the road properly and play it live!”

Having released three-critically acclaimed studio albums and with performances on the biggest stages within our community, van Doorn has yet again proven his versatility within the dance scene, as well as how efficient and effective he can be when exploring a particular genre. Releasing edgier sounds via his Purple Haze moniker only helps further elevate his status as one of the greatest producers of his time, with ‘Recover’ being yet another perfect example of his musical prowess.

Out now, we could not be any more delighted at premiering this masterpiece of a song, and if his hit track ‘Faces’ is anything to go by, we are more than certain that fans alike have once again been presented with a hit single for the ages. With this said, make sure to check out ‘Recover’ below, and let us know what you think of Purple Haze’s latest venture in the comments section.


Image Credit: Sander van Doorn (Press)

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