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Toolroom and WaterBear team up to offer world’s first degree in Electronic Music & Business

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Toolroom teams up with WaterBear for a project never seen before and with a giant significance for the music industry. Toolroom is the globally acclaimed label of Mark Knight, WaterBear College Brighton is the UK’s fastest-growing music college and together will offer the world’s first degree developed alongside a record label. The BA (Hons) Electronic Music & Business will be a full undergraduate degree in electronic music whose programme will include production modules designed by Toolroom Academy, the label’s educational arm.

Toolroom has been an active player when it comes to music education. Within the global educational portfolio, it has remained innovative and pioneering, spreading the Toolroom label within the educational space. Since its inception in 2015, Toolroom Academy delivers online mentoring programs, worldwide educational events, tutorials from Toolrom’s key artists and renowned production tools. Now, together with WaterBear, it takes a determined step forward to create the first label backed degree in music. Miles Shackleton, Toolroom’s director, shares about this project that:

‘We’re extremely excited to be partnering with WaterBear, who share our mission to innovate music education and create unique experiences for students. This degree programme will be the most cutting-edge option for those looking to build their career in electronic music.’

WaterBear is not only one of the fastest-growing music colleges in the UK, but also a brand that stands out in higher education for its innovative approach. Right now, the school based in the heart of Brighton offers a range of music courses, both onsite and online, as this one with the Toolroom Academy is an example. The BA (Hons)Electronic Music & Business is a tailor-made degree that suits your needs and will enhance your skills. You have the option to do a 3-year full-time on-campus course or a 2-year online course, both starting in 2022. Bruce Dickinson, WaterBear’s founder said:

‘We are overjoyed to be working with Toolroom Records, a brand we respect as world-leading innovators in the Electronic Music Industry. It’s a unique partnership and the first of its kind, with particular focus on learning from within the electronic music industry. Both WaterBear and Toolroom are deeply committed to making real difference to the artists, producers and DJs of tomorrow’

In addition to WaterBear’s quality teaching, this programme will benefit greatly from Toolroom’s partnership for mentorship, on-stage experience, detailed A&R feedback and much more. If you want a future in music production, apply now here.


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