Mark Knight and Darius Syrossian pair up for the first time to deliver ‘Get This Feeling’: Listen

With more or less chance or premonition, the industry sees some real heavyweight pairings every now and then. In an absolute first, Mark Knight and Darius Syrossian collide to deliver their first collaborative track. ‘Get This Feeling‘ featuring Prospect Park is a house music pearl and living proof that nature takes over when two titans of music join forces in the studio. This first-ever collaboration is now officially out via Armada Subjekt.

How did this junction come about? Well, the credit must go to Danny Howard, another cherished player on the circuit. During the pandemic times, Howard created a showcase on his BBC Radio 1 show where he picks his favourite DJs to collaborate on the incredible and exclusive ‘Lockdown Link-up‘. One of these pairings featured the Toolroom boss and Syrossian and the result was explosive. On what is their first record together, Darius Syrossian says:

‘Danny Howard started a thing on his BBC Radio 1 show called ‘Lockdown Link-up’, and he had a fishing rod on Instagram to pick out ducks with (…) Me and Mark were drawn together, so we got on Zoom to discuss ideas and decided to go for a thumping feel-good disco-techno vibe. We then went through a bunch of disco records we felt we could grab a decent sample from, agreed on one and initially set about making the bassline and drums similar to how I did on my track ‘Danzer’. Mark loved what I had done, so I handed it back over to him so he could sort the vocal and add lots of his own touches. We went back and forth a few more times until we were totally satisfied with it. Danny Howard was blown away when he got the track back, and the response was MASSIVE when I played it weekly on his show. My inbox would light up like a Christmas tree with requests if it would ever be released. Even Danny himself messaged us to say that the reaction he had was enormous and that it was potentially the biggest ‘Lockdown Link-up’ track out of all of the collabs that happened. As it was made in lockdown, we wanted to make a high-energy feel-good track and save it for dance floors when we are back to normal. We are really happy with the outcome.”

Danny Howard is to be applauded for bringing this about, as perhaps without it you would never have been able to hear just how musically matched these two house music giants are. Fully aware of the magic that was happening, Howard adds:

‘As soon as Mark and Darius got drawn together, I knew it would be nothing short of an absolute house slammer (…) We’ve got two of the most prolific artists in house putting years of experience and knowledge into one record, so it was always going to be special. It’s been a lot of fun playing this out at festivals and clubs as a secret weapon, but I’m delighted that it’s now being unleashed into the world as a full release. It’s a proper party stomper that always takes the roof off and I’d like to thank Mark and Darius for getting involved with Lockdown Link-Up on my Radio 1 show in the first place. Big love.’

‘Get This Feeling’ is a joyful dance cut that is sure to give you ‘this feeling’. It’s an ode to joy, celebrating life and spreading your energy on the dancefloor. The track samples Prospect Park and Taka Boom‘s ‘I Got This Feeling‘ and also First Choice‘s ‘Great Expectations‘, drawing on the many years of experience of these two internationally renowned producers. The message is uplifting and very fitting for this restart that has been witnessed in the four corners of the world. The vocals overflow with soul and groove, evoking a glorious vintage disco-infused flavour. The bouncing basslines, the energetic kick and the sparkling melody promise to erupt the crowd instantly with euphoria. Dare to ‘Get This Feeling’ below:

Image Credit: Press