Martin Garrix & Zedd tease long-awaited collaboration

With collaborations far from few in the electronic dance industry, we always get that extra feeling of excitement when two heavyweights of the industry share further evidence of a long-awaited collaboration. As you may have guessed, this potential collaboration involves no other than Dutch sensation Martin Garrix, and German/Russian icon Zedd.

Rumours of a potential collaboration have been circulating for quite some time now, with Zedd first teasing the possibility back in 2019, taking to his social media and asking the question; “ANYONE DOWN FOR A ZEDD x @MARTINGARRIX COLLAB?!” Fast-forward to now, and the dance music superstars have been toying with their fans through a number of agonizingly contextless clips that have been recorded during recent studios between the two.

Further igniting the possibility of a Garrix x Zedd collaboration, the former posted an Instagram Story at the beginning of this month, where a brief glimpse into the track’s project file revealed a BPM of 128, and in turn revealing that the collaboration is most likely a house track in the works. Adding to the teaser, the producer’s would also share another clip on social media, where a preview of the song would be revealed, however, the short length of the clip has left fans alike with thought for their imagination.

With the collaboration now confirmed to be in the works, we cannot be entirely sure as to how imminent or not the release may be, but we are more than certain that the end product is definitely something worth waiting for. You can check out the teasers below, and we will be keeping a close eye on any future revelations regrading this long-anticipated Garrix x Zedd collaboration.


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