Premiere: Will Sparks concludes year on hardest note with ‘Patience’: Listen

The light begins to dim and the crowd begins to erupt in energy as the moment Will Sparks appears on stage is near. A true pioneer of Melbourne bounce and an inspiring artist to many around the globe, this world-class artist consistently masters creativity and defines his own sound which appears so naturally to this Australian producer. Many fans believe all they need is just a little Will Sparks in their life and these fans are so right. Making the most of the unprecedented time during quarantine, Will Sparks brought his ever-evolving sound back to his roots with the past single ‘My Company’ which proves he is always one step ahead when it comes down to exploration and experimentation. While many recognize Will Sparks for that Melbourne bounce we all need in our lives with classics such as ‘Ah Yeah So What,’ Will Sparks will always hold a special place as one of my top favorite producers not only for his energizing singles but for setting the standard of how music can be further-defined and developed to bring out the best in many of us. With unmatched sound design and innovation, I consider a Will Sparks show an escape route for many to truly be themselves and transform into one with his forward-thinking and revolutionizing sound. Concluding this year in the most epic way possible, Will Sparks is crossing boundaries into the realms of house and elements of hardstyle with his new ground-breaking single ‘Patience’ featuring mesmerizing vocals from Kayla Zito. Premiering exclusively here at we Rave You, pour that drink to the top and enter Will Sparks’ world of immaculate production to keep you on your feet all night long.

Launching off with soothing vocals from Kayla Zito alongside prolonged frequencies to fight off your inner demons. Will Sparks and Kayla Zito are a match made in heaven as a heavy build-up of energetic rhythms and piano instrumentals phase in and out with Zito’s powerful vocals. With a signature bass-induced frequency becoming apparent, all those who know this legendary producer can immediately recognize the tempo is about to rise rapidly in full force. An eerie climatic build with various hardstyle production elements, we begin to shift levels as he takes control and the tension begins to rise as the levels of the track begin to erupt in energy. Easily a crowd favorite to many, Will Sparks is changing the music industry one eclectic beat at a time and we could not be happier with this. As gruesome bass undertones and rapid-fire kick drums continue to keep us moving, the amount of talent this Australian legend has brought to the table is clearly unmatched in the music scene. After a remarkable year despite ongoing challenges from the coronavirus pandemic, Will Sparks is setting himself up for another groundbreaking tour that will showcase his ongoing mission to push his musical boundaries within the dance music genre. With ‘Patience’ being the cherry on top of an epic year of accomplishments, be sure to stay in the loop as he continues to shine bright all year round. Sharing his thoughts behind the new single, Will Sparks states:

“I made ‘Patience’ a few years ago in a hotel in Bristol. Wanted to create something that would wreck a music festival. Hopefully, I get to see that happen soon.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of ‘Patience’ released on Dim Mak Records below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo Credits: Rukes.com

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