Above & Beyond, El Penon de Guatape Medellin Colombia

Above & Beyond perform for Cercle at La Piedra del Peñol Guatapé, Colombia on The Rock of Guatape: Watch

On Monday December 13, 2021, Electronic Dance Music group Above and Beyond, preformed an event for the live streaming media platform Cercle on top of The Rock of Guatape at La Piedra del Peñol Guatapé, Colombia.  Above and Beyond, is made up by Jono Grant, Tony McGuiness and Paavo Siljamäki.  They have two of their own record labels, Anjunabeats and Ajunadeep.  The trio also host their own weekly radio show Group Therapy Radio.  A visit to their YouTube channel will prove that these gentlemen love to live stream. 

During this recent live stream as you watch you can see the group performing tracks like ‘Sweetest Heart,’ Believer,’ and ‘Fly to New York’ and remixes by Marsh, Shai T, Yotto, Newman, and others.  Cercle provides drone shots of the entire event including the audience, the rock, and the area surrounding the location which in itself is most beautiful.  Incorporating the mountains, the sky, the waters, and eventually the setting sun near the end, the scenery only enhances the music or vice versa.  The performance winds down with a set down interview with Above and Beyond. It’s an interesting watch.

To keep up with Above and Beyond and their journey and to access the radio show, you can visit their website here.  Then there is the Ajunabeats website which showcases music and new artists and invites aspiring DJs to share their demos.  Ajunabeats has helped kickstart the careers of DJs like Arty and Matt Zo. Finally, there is also the Anjunadeep label’s webpage where you can catch up on more music and other new DJs.  The Anjunadeep label has introduced us to artists like Lane 8 and Dusky.  Of course, on all three of these pages you can access music and information about Above and Beyond and its direction and an extensive catalogue of apparel and other merchandise.

You can watch the entire event unfold here.


Image Credit: Above & Beyond (via Facebook), Flickr El Penon de Guatape Medellin Colombia (via Boris G Game of Light)

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