Klas Bergling calls for better support of mental health in artists as he talks about Avicii’s struggles

Since the Tim Bergling Foundation was set up in honour of Avicii after he sadly passed away in April of 2018, his father Klas Bergling has been a strong advocate for mental health in young people and the music industry. Now, in a recent interview with The Times titled ‘Avicii: the tragic death of the superstar DJ who seemed to have it all,’ Klas opened up about mental health, specifically in young artists who can be extremely vulnerable to the pressures of touring and being in the spotlight.

Going in depth, he recalled how his son struggled with the industry and the spotlight and extreme touring schedule that came with being Avicii, also stating that it is important to call his death what it is, a suicide.

“It’s fame and fortune, and that’s a very dangerous combination. When you have an up-and-coming artist there should be some structure.” – stated Klas on calling for adequate mental health support for young artists finding fame

“I think you should call things what they are. Nobody is to blame [for his death]. If we should blame anybody, we should start with me.”

Because of this, Klas also recalled when he had to give Avicii a serious intervention as his drinking and medication problems that were used to try and cope with everything were getting out of hand. He said:

“It was one of the worst moments of my life because you really feel you’ve betrayed your son. But it had to be done. It was naive. I’ve heard a thousand times that the fight starts when you’re sober.”

The Tim Bergling Foundation accepts donations, and you can donate here through the website. Read the interview with Klas Bergling in full here.


Image Credits: Getty, Rex

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