PINEO & LOEB team up with Sparkee & Viiq to bring ‘Attached 2 U’: Listen

PINEO & LOEB are back with their new release ‘Attached 2 U’, for which they teamed up with their fellow Canadian producer Sparkee and Top 20 Billboard Dance vocalist Viiq.

The track is a perfect mixture of groovy house music and pop, opening with heartfelt vocals and upbeat melodies. It’s hard to believe that it started as a downtempo record until Viiq recorded her vocals, which really shine through on the track. The lyrics address the very relatable topic of not being able to get over one’s significant other after the relationship ends.

‘Attached 2 U’ follows PINEO & LOEB’s recent ‘Good Vibe Feeling’ with rapper FUEG and Saxophonist Ellie Sax, as well as Sparkee’s remix of Tiësto’s summer anthem ‘The Business’, while Viiq could be heard on Bingo Players & Disco Fries’ ‘Forever Love’.

In a recent press release, PINEO & LOEB discuss how the track came about:

“The ‘Attached 2 U’ project started when we heard Viiq singing Bingo Players & Disco Fries’ track ‘Forever Love.’ We were immediately hooked on the amazing vocals and uplifting vibes, so we reached out…We sent her a few instrumental demos to see if she would be interested in working together…When she sent us back what she’d done, we were blown away and inspired to rebuild the track. After painstakingly refining the track to make it hit just right, the end result is ‘Attached 2 U,’ and we’re so thrilled with how it’s come together! We opted to pick the numeral ‘2’ and the letter ‘U’ as a reference to Prince, who always spelled the words as such and is known for his funky and uplifting pop songs.”

If it weren’t for a schedule mix-up, PINEO & LOEB might never have joined forces. The two artists were booked for the same show, but both were left to play with only one time slot available. They decided to do a back-to-back set and haven’t looked back since. Some of their most popular original releases include ‘Daydreaming’, ‘Circles’ and ‘Body Right’. With chart-topping remixes, collaborations, and support from BBC Radio 1 or Virgin they are steadily making a name for themselves in the electronic music scene. PINEO & LOEB have toured across Canada and abroad, headlining their own shows as well as supporting major international acts such as GrandtheftKeys N Krates and Zeds Dead.

You can stream the track below, be sure to let us know your thoughts!


Image Credit: PINEO & LOEB (Press)

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