Adriatique bring a majestic spin to WhoMadeWho ‘Silence & Secrets’: Listen

The Swiss duo make their debut on German imprint Embassy One with a stunning rendition of WhoMadeWho‘s ‘Silence & Secrets‘, now available on the usual platforms. ‘Silence & Secrets’ is the title track from the three-part EP that the enigmatic trio released in November last year and this isn’t the first rendition it’s inspired. WhoMadeWho’s captivating single that explores the potential of human beings received a remix from Frank Wiedermann, one of Innervisions co-founders, also involved in the production of the original. Now, this exquisite pearl of melodic house and techno gets an elegant makeover by the hands of Adriatique.

Since emerging on the underground circuit in 2009, Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer have been on a consistent, upward and surprising path. Over time, they have solidified a very particular sound, punctuated by brilliant creativity, enviable technical expertise and constant innovation. This distinctive sound signature of Adriatique has led them to release elegant dance cuts on some of the hottest labels in the industry and their captivating duo dynamic has kept them in the lineup of the most frequented events. Timewarp in NYC, Printworks in London, The Loft in Amsterdam, DC10 in Ibiza, and Nordstern in Basel are some of the cult venues that have witnessed Adriatique’s hypnotic DJ sets, distinctive for offering music lovers introspective, melodic, and driving journeys. As brilliant behind the decks as they are in the studio, the producing duo have a stellar discography spread across Diynamic, Afterlife, Wolf & Lamb, Watergate and their Siamese Recordings. Now, their debut on Embassy One in style, delivering this dazzling interpretation of ‘Silence & Secrets’.

The original track is extremely delicate, with a subtle and extremely organic beauty, wrapped in an ethereal and enveloping vocal. Working it without ruining these beautiful natural properties is an added difficulty, overcome with distinction by Adriatique. The dry, industrial beat that introduces the dance of synths gives the track a whole new rhythm. The percussion is exquisite, dominating the space not only by the wonderful pacing it marks but by the swirling tunes that mesmerise you. The atmospheric layers are shimmering and dreamy, contrasting dynamically with the other elements. It’s a remix rich in layers, perfectly juxtaposed to achieve a dense, textured, almost palpable mesh. The vocal is privileged throughout the arrangement, remaining a central piece to the introspective nature of the piece. There’s also no shortage of some of the ‘à la Adriatique‘ sounds, which you’ll certainly recognise. Wonderful. Listen below.

Image Credit: Press