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Afrojack, DubVision and Manse combine for ‘Stay With You’

Some of the finest names in progressive house in Afrojack, DubVision and Manse have teamed up for a special collaboration, “Stay With You”.

The brightest sparks in the progressive game have put their heads together in the studio, laying down a melody for the ages with a refreshing new dance number titled ‘Stay With You’. Swedish prodigy Manse has teamed up with talented Dutch two-some DubVision and their legendary fellow countryman Afrojack for the track that lands on his expansive new music platform Never Sleeps. Each carrying a formidable reputation into this production, expectations have been well and truly exceeded as the track flows with immense energy and vigour credit to its meticulous arrangement.

With the names involved, its no surprise that a lot of attention is drawn to the initial instrumentation of the track, with subtle piano and guitar tones complementing the genius synth-work and vocals that build throughout. It then culminates in two dynamic drops, driven by a thriving combination of percussion and melodic stabs.

Although not long released, ‘Stay With You’ had seen play-out at festivals and venues as far back as 2019 as part of Afrojack’s back catalogue, and has now garnered fresh radio support from the likes of Martin Garrix and Lucas & Steve on their respective platforms.

Check out the new collaboration, “Stay With You” between Afrojack, DubVision and Manse, for yourselves below.

Image Credit: Manse Soundcloud

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