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Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten announces a brand-new live show concept, ‘What The F’

For the very first time, trance legend Ferry Corsten will culminate all of his creative work to present a brand-new live show concept, ‘What The F’, where he’ll perform as Ferry Corsten himself, Gouryella and System F.

‘What The F’ is the complete experience for the true fans of Ferry Corsten, where his work will be “rehashed, remixed, reinvented with a futuristic approach.” This entails that ‘What The F’ will feature the old classic tracks, all whilst giving them a new breath of life; new IDs can also be expected from Corsten.

In a recent press release, Corsten explains his decision to finally create ‘What The F’:

“Over the years, I have become enchanted by the diverse range of all this music I’ve made. Much of which I’ve never played out live. From House to progressive to more techy sounds to stuff many people probably have no idea I made or make. Even I’d forgotten about some of it, but there I was, sat with probably 13-15 hours including all my future unreleased music.”

“I’ve always wanted to do an open-to-close show exclusively with my own material. I’ve been down the classics sets route, even done producer sets with specific aliases, but ‘What The F’ could I do with all this music together in one night? And then it hit me, “What would an open-to-close repertoire set be like if I re-worked all this material.”

Corsten has announced nine, phase one dates for ‘What The F’, with the inaugural show at London’s own Ministry of Sound on May 6. The remaining dates are across the United States in June and August, which you can find below; more dates will be announced at a later date.

For tickets and more information regarding ‘What The F’, please click here.




Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – May 6, 2022, London @ Ministry of Sound

Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – June 3, 2022, Dallas @ Stereo Live

Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – June 4, 2022, Houston @ Stereo Live

Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – June 17, 2022, Denver @ Summit 

Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – June 18, 2022, Brooklyn @ Quantum 

Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – August 12, 2022, SF @ Midway 

Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – August 13, 2022, LA @ Exchange

Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – August 19, 2022, DC @ Soundcheck

Ferry Corsten Presents WTF – August 20, 2022, Chicago @ Prysm

Image Credit: Ferry Corsten (press)

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