Annie Mac

Annie Mac presents new clubbing concept designed for ravers who need to sleep

You read that right, that’s what it is. A clubbing concept where you can have a great time for hours and then go home and sleep the night away. This disruptive concept with the traditional way of conceiving clubbing comes from Annie Mac, who promises to offer the perfect club night for ravers who need to sleep.

Before Midnight was the name chosen for this concept that is nothing more than an authentic club experience but for Cinderellas. The music and fun remain intact, only the schedule changes. Before Midnight explores a time slot between 7 pm and midnight and will have its premiere in London at Islington Assembly Hall as early as May 20. Tickets for the first event of the series will be available from Saturday, April 9, with a pre-sale two days beforehand by registering here.

‘Nightclubbing is not designed for people who need sleep. So I’m shifting the time parameters forwards, and bringing you a fully authentic clubbing experience that starts at 7 pm and ends at the strike of midnight.’

These words from Annie Mac are quite wise. It’s not just a question of age. Partying at a time that is pillow friendly allows you to better combine clubbing with work and family life and allows you to live the next day to the fullest. More and more events and clubs are exploring daytime hours and this trend, which seems healthier in many ways, seems to be expanding. Waiting until almost dawn to hear your favourite DJ may be too much and a factor that drives ravers away from the dancefloor. It was with this in mind and respecting many pleas from her fans that the Irish artist decided to create Before Midnight:

 ‘I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I know there’s an appetite for it because I’ve had so many messages from you who’ve grown up with me and listened to me on the radio every Friday night, who adore the clubbing experience but don’t want to wait until 1 am to see me play, who need to be sharp and useful at the weekends and just can’t afford sleepless nights.

Before Midnight is a chance for me to play long DJ sets with all my favourite records, those ones that spark joy, and a chance for you to have all the fun, the euphoria and the wild abandon you need and STILL get a good night’s sleep.’

If you like a good club night but you cannot give up a good night’s sleep, don’t miss the first call of Before Midnight which, as well as Annie Mac, will also feature Melle Brown behind the decks.

Image credit: Annie Mac (via Facebook)