Dillon Francis teases long-awaited collaboration with ILLENIUM, ‘Don’t Let Me Let Go’, featuring EVAN GIIA

This long awaited collaboration between Dillon and ILLENIUM has been teased for over a year, and is getting its final release this summer.

After a vibrant week of music at this year’s EDC Las Vegas, anticipation for all the announced and previewed IDs from artists is at its rise. Dillon Francis is one of such artists, with having a banger set full of new IDs and collabs for long anticipated album ‘This Mixtape is Fire Too’One track in particular is coming up soon, and it’s a long awaited collaboration of the Croatian-American producer with legendary ILLENIUM, joined by the astonishing vocals of EVAN GIIADon’t Let Me Let Go’.

After over a year of teasing the collaboration with Billboard award winner ILLENIUM, Dillon Francis fans finally got a preview of the project. Back then, they teased the collaboration will be shown on Las Vegas-based festival Life Is Beautiful 2021. The duo has collaborated many times in the past, which made this announcement even more exciting. Time passed since then, and recently Dillon said they finished mastering the track and that it’s ready for a final release soon. For his online fanbase, in a very Dillon Francis way, he previewed one second of the collab and invited them to his EDC set to hear the premiere.

Later during the set, fans got to hear many IDs he has up his sleeve, including Don’t Let Me Let Go’. The colorful melodic track has the EDM community talking, and the fans who didn’t attend the show can now hear extra few seconds in the latest comedic relief by Dillon on his Instagram account.


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As of writing this, it is unknown on which exact date the track will be released. However, those anticipating the long teased collaboration between Dillon Francis and ILLENIUM can get notified when it releases via this link.

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