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Groove Armada’s ‘Superstylin’ receives a rave-ready update from Dance System

Global hit ‘Superstylin’ of Groove Armada gets a club-ready reboot from Dance System that says ‘I really tried to stay true to the original’s energy, dubbing it out and making work on the dancefloor for 2022’

Renowned dance act Groove Armada celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut single ‘At The River‘ and to mark the occasion they will release a very special compilation featuring a musical cross between the past and the present. Into that nostalgic bundle fits this rave-infused remix by Dance System of ‘Supertylin’, which follows the recent release of Logic1000‘s rendition of Groove Armada’s ‘My Friend‘.

‘Supertylin’ was released in 2001, originally as the first single from ‘Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)’, Groove Armada’s third studio album. Its particular and original sound provoked a massive and unisonous acceptance by music lovers. Relaxed, drinking the feel-good of reggae, it exalts an urban and cool vocal that entered everyone’s mind like a torpedo. The beat is vibrant, warm and tribal, calling for a sweaty, primitive dance. Even today, reading the name ‘Superstylin’ immediately resurrects the vocal and beat of this old-school pearl that deservedly has a place in dance music history. Now, so many years later, it’s time to put ‘Superstylin’ back on the dancefloor, dressed in a more modern guise.

In charge of this rave-ready update was James Connolly aka Dance System. Hailing from Brighton, the experienced producer has taken his clubbing energy and injected it into this super hit from the legendary Groove Armada. With a career spanning 15 years, Dance System has made his mark on the industry not only with his productions but also with his imprints, including this year’s monthly residency on the acclaimed BBC Radio 1. Now the artist leaves his masterful contribution remixing ‘Supertylin’ as one of the pieces to celebrate 25 years of Groove Armada. On reinterpreting the classic that was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2003 Grammy Awards, Dance System said:

‘Superstylin’ was such a massive tune for me when it came out. I’ll never forget Midfield General playing it at the Big Beach Boutique in Brighton 20 years ago, it was such a moment for me. It’s wild to be remixing it all these years later; getting under the bonnet of such a classic and seeing how it was constructed was so surreal. I really tried to stay true to the original’s energy, dubbing it out and making work on the dancefloor for 2022.”

Out now via BMG, the remix stays true to the original, keeping alive the tribalistic and tropical energy of Groove Armada’s pearl. The vocal, the great soul of this tune, is here enhanced, gaining an additional arrangement. In the same way, the rhythm and tempo cadences are accentuated, punctuating, even more, the power and bouncy feeling of this classic. This rework is an ode to the high octane rave energy characteristic of Dance System and that also characterises Groove Armada’s dance bomb. The result is heavy artillery, ready to set dance floors on fire this season. Get ready to dance your ass off to this new version of ‘Superstylin’, courtesy of Dance System:


Image Credit: Groove Armada (Press)