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Eats Everything teams up with Shermanology to offer gospel-lead new single ‘Tell You What It Is’: Listen

Eats Everything steps out of his comfort zone to create house music perfection with Shermanology: ‘This is new territory for me‘.

When Dan Pearce, also known as Eats Everything, takes his good mood into the studio you know it’s going to be good vibes. This premonition has come full circle on his latest release ‘Tell You What It Is‘, out now via Three Six Zero Recordings. Produced together with the duo Shermanology, this track is a seamless blend between the elements of house and gospel, perfect for welcoming the sunny rays of this summer. ‘Tell You What It Is’ is shared on a high, having been selected as ‘Hottest Record’ on BBC Radio 1 by Danny Howard deservedly, something you can verify by listening to this pearl below.

Englishman Eats Everything is a much-cherished player in the house, tech house and techno sphere, not only for the positive energy he emanates but also for his incredible versatility. This elasticity of his skills is put to the test in this new single, which challenges the artist to explore new dimensions:

‘This is new territory for me (…) Working with full choirs, vocalists and instrumentalists is something I’ve never really done before so it’s out of my comfort zone making proper ‘songs’. The lockdown period gave me a lot of time to reflect, experiment and create and this record (along with the others coming) are a product of that time of experimentation. I really hope that people are into it!”

Perfectly matching the mood of Eats Everything is the energy of brother-sister Shermanology. The duo have a very distinctive and unique sound that they have been perfecting for the past five years. The brothers were born in the Caribbean but are based in The Netherlands and both facets fit into their musicality. Their style is soul-infused tech house, but in this collaboration, they proved to be the secret ingredient to spice up a beautiful house cut. On ‘Tell You What It Is’ they stated:

‘It was so dope working with Dan aka Eats Everything on this project. For us to be able to blend both our sounds feels great. We went in the studio with a choir consisting of family and friends, which makes it even more special for us.’

‘Tell You What It Is’ is a mixture of extraordinary things, it’s everything you wanted and didn’t know. The gospel-like vocals are very catchy and exude soul and groove, serving as glue to all the rest of the delicious layers. Summer is approaching but the heat brought by this track makes the temperature rise quickly. The pulsating bassline is incredibly modern and works very well as an opposition to the stirring organ chords and sparkling melodies. The rhythm is infectious, the content is dense and the energy is unsettling. Listen to ‘Tell You What It Is’ below:

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