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Vintage Culture coats Bob Moses’ hit ‘Love Brand New’ with club energy on new remix: Listen

Vintage Culture delivers an infectious remix of ‘Love Brand New‘ saying ‘The songs that Bob Moses write and record are inspiring’.

Vintage Culture and Bob Moses are two very current names on the dance music scene, both of whom are charting very high. Los Angeles-based duo Bob Moses have been on a brilliant, upward trajectory since they first came to prominence in 2012. But it is concerted that their most epic and anthemic moment to date came last March with the release of ‘The Silence in Between‘. The duo’s third studio album encapsulates several delightful cuts, including the intense ‘Love Brand New’. The hit single reached #11 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Song chart and this week reached number two on Alternative Radio. The mellow extract is a delicious combination of pop and house, just like Bob Moses, but Vintage Culture has now added exciting new layers to make ‘Love Brand New’ a club-ready banger. The Brazilian prodigy is not only a reputable DJ but also a renowned producer who already has several top-quality remixes of hits by Meduza, Moby, Diplo and David Guetta & Sia. Joining the list is now the bulletproof rendition of Bob Moses’ ‘Love Brand New’. This wasn’t the first time Vintage Culture got his hands on a track by the producer duo though. Together with Kiko Franco, Vintage Culture delivered a powerful remix of the 2020 track ‘Desire‘. On this latest release, Lukas Ruiz, aka Vintage Culture, said:

‘The songs that Bob Moses write and record are inspiring and have an emotional impact on the audience (…) I admire their talent and I’m very proud to lend my production skills to the new remix of ‘Love Brand New.’  I look forward to including this new classic in my shows through the Summer of 2022.”

Surely you too are longing for that moment. This new version of ‘Love Brand New’ immaculately preserves the strong sentimental charge of the original. The raw emotion and the heartfelt melodies that penetrate the soul and the heart remain there, serving as an emotional anchor. The remix has held captive this wave of feelings created by Bob Moses, but Vintage Culture’s creative force has shaken everything else in favour of making it a clubbing weapon. The vocal-lead single gets a new pace, faster and punchier, and also a vigorous depth. The bassline is warm and passionate, as the swirling synths wrap you up and around, dropping you helpless in an explosion of pulsating beats and elastic grooves. In this new take on ‘Love Brand New’, Bob Moses stated that:

‘Vintage Culture is a very talented gentleman, and we feel fortunate to be able to have him work his magic on of our tracks for a second time (…) We look forward to dropping this banging mix in our Club Sets for the foreseeable future.’

Let yourself fall in love with this brand new remix below:

Image credit: Vintage Culture (Drake), Bob Moses (Zackery Michael)