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Binary Finary have teamed up with the Classic Trance community to press a very special vinyl ‘Timeless Vol 1’: Interview

‘We are in absolute awe over the support we’ve had’ Binary Finary say on Classic Trance community involvement on ‘Timeless Vol 1

The legendary Binary Finary are part of the trance history books and continue to play a very active role in the development of the genre today. Together with the community of trance lovers, the duo has developed a project that aims to immortalise trance classics on a very special vinyl edition. To make this possible Binary Finary have called upon music lovers to get involved in the project and together materialise this passion. To better understand what it’s all about, Binary Finary explained to We Rave You everything in the first person.


Hi guys, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. First of all, congratulations on your new project ‘Timeless Vol 1’. Can you explain to us what this is about and how this idea emerged?

“Thank you for having us! We founded the Classic Trance group on Facebook, which is an amazing group of knowledge, passion and love for Classic Trance music. The group has been asking for more releases on vinyl and so when the idea was first put forward to the group, the response was overwhelmingly positive. It’s taken a while to get this project from idea to formed concept, but this really is born from the groups’ unwavering passion for the Classic Trance scene.

In 2018 we launched a crowdfunding project for a vinyl release of 1998 including a limited edition release of which there were 98 pressed, numbered and signed. This release had an exclusive remix of 1998 we did for this release. The project was a great success and since that time we’ve wanted to do another project.

A few life issues got in the way, but the time was right just before Christmas 2021 and we were determined to bring this concept to life. After a brief chat, the first emails and contacts were sent out to get some licensing put in place. It took just shy of 6 months to get the track listing and licensing fully over the line. We didn’t want to curate just a bunch of tracks, the whole release had to ‘feel’ right and we are thrilled with the 4 tracks we have.”


Music is connection and so is trance. How can music lovers get actively involved in this project?

“When we were deciding about the concept, the idea to have Classic Trance lovers’ names on the artwork was something that really stood out. We decided to crowdfund this so that anyone who supported could become what we call an ‘Ambassador’ and have their name listed on the artwork and be a part of Classic Trance history.

The campaign wraps up this coming weekend and then the project moves on to finalising the artwork and the pressing of the vinyl, including remastered tracks, especially for vinyl and test pressings.

Completely agree regarding connection, music has always been a universal language bringing people together, whilst also having deep personal meaning.”

TimelessVo1 - Binary Finary

‘Timeless Vol 1’ consists of 4 very special tracks that make it truly exclusive. How did you run the curation process?

“The first 3 tracks really just slotted in. We had already done a few things on the Classic Trance group with Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Original Mix), Atlantis vs Avatar – Fiji (Lange Remix) and Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Binary Finary Remix), so luckily these were able to be licensed and we really felt they gelled together so very well. Our own remix of Cafe Del Mar hasn’t ever been released on Vinyl and might never be on vinyl again, so that’s really exciting to get that licence sorted and have this as our 2nd track.

The 4th track however was a bit trickier. It took 12 licensing attempts to get this right (with one going through over 6 people and 2 months at a major label!), and although there are tracks we could have gone for that we knew we could licence, we just didn’t feel it was the right mix of tracks for Vol 1. It was an out-of-the-blue moment via a late-night listening to tracks, up popped Saltwater – The Legacy (Alphazone Remix) via the Classic Trance Group and we knew it was the 4th track. Fortune would favour us when a quick email to a friendly label got a response back of ‘Yes we have the rights to this’! Our release was complete and we couldn’t wait to get this project solidly off the ground.”


Through this project, you lift the curtain on everything that goes into the process of getting vinyl pressed. All this gives it a very collaborative and educative feel. Is that what you were looking for as well?

“We feel it’s important that people know where their money is going, as well as the process that creates ‘that’ feel and sound which vinyl brings. From going from the analogue world into the digital realm as Binary Finary, there is something about holding a record, or firing up the decks, that just feels wholesome. As producers, we very much dived into everything digital (that focus is in our name) but hankered very quickly for the feel of analogue and the sound! Oh, that sound!!!!

Decks and vinyl were always around when we were writing music back in Portsmouth, UK and as we were focused on the composition of music for Binary Finary, the decks served as a bit of fun and a breakaway from the process of writing. It’s nice to come around full circle and bring this back to being a bit of fun, while we breakaway from writing focussing on the vinyl this time. It feels fitting.

The pressing plant we use has a lovely story as well, when a family-based company started to buy pressing equipment as everyone else started to move towards digital and away from vinyl. They took a punt that the format wouldn’t die, and how right they were! They produce fantastic pressings and we’ve used them before. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


Pressing vinyl remains the most special way to immortalize music. How important is this format and pressing this project for you?

“Personally, this project is everything. After a few torrid years with covid and other personal matters, this really is stepping through a door, closing one chapter off and starting another. This whole process, feedback and support from the Classic Trance community is absolutely invigorating and I can’t praise everyone in that community enough. This is their project and they have powered it.

It is an honour to be a part of this project and it will be a celebration all over the world when we all get to hold this piece of vinyl in our hands. We are in absolute awe over the support we’ve had.”


We can’t help but wonder if there are already plans for ‘Timeless Vol 2’. What can you tell us?

“Yes!!! Volume 2 is already 50% licensed! We are mulling over some really exciting ideas, so we are now concentrating on making Volume 1 work, and when that’s done and the vinyl is being pressed, we will get some of those ideas into action. We are so excited for this whole project!”


Be an integral part of this very special project and leave your name in print on ‘Timeless Vol 1’ too. The crowdfunding campaign is available on Indiegogo and will end in two days.


Image credit: Binary Finary Press