Burning Man Festival

Burning Man 2022: Cost of attending the festival

Burning Man is once again set to take over the dessert of Black Rock City, approximately 120 miles north of Reno, NV.  While the event is a combination of art, spirituality, preservation and culture, the event does require a cost of admission, and with several different ticketing options, it is important to understand what goes into attending the event.

Purchasing a ticket to the Burning Man event requires a fair amount of planning.  With the event set to begin on August 28th, tickets are no longer available through the events main website.

Purchasing tickets requires the set up of Burner Profile and a registration period is set up for the opportunity to purchase tickets, with the earliest registration period beginning back in January, with this early package releasing 1,000 tickets at $2,500 and another 3,000 at $1,500.

As the year goes on, different registration and ticket levels are made available.  For those looking for the most affordable option, outside of the Ticket Aid Program, which offers discounted tickets to those who meet certain economic criteria, the main sale offers patrons the ability to purchase a ticket for the cost of $575, with the option to add a vehicle pass for $140.  Of course getting in is just part of the cost one can expect.

Choosing an accommodation is critical, and this can vary from an RV down to a tent or sleeping in a car.  Being as the event is in the desert, and many experiences take place at night, having the option of AC can be a nice touch when trying to grab some rest, especially during daytime hours.  Beyond that, there is the need to eat and drink which can easily cost a couple hundred dollars, plus, for many, the experience isn’t complete without costumes to show off while on site.

Overall Burning Man will cost you $2000-$3000, as a low estimate.

Image Credit: Adam Hornyak on Unsplash